A possible and fateful synchronicity in play


Excerpt from Arjuna’s (John Hogue) recently published 43rd book, ‘The Great American Eclipse – Earthquake and Tsunami’ in view of the solar eclipse on 21 August 2017.

Solar Eclipse

I was in sunny Southern California watching the eclipse live on television. There was a static shot of the Portland, OR skyline looming just underneath a low hanging and leaden cloud ceiling. The overcast quickly faded into darkness with city lights blinking on for a few minutes before the overcast brightened once again to its normal gloom of February liquid-sunshine grayness. The people east of the cloud-blocking Cascade mountain range were luckier witnessing this rare event. For many it would be the last chance in a lifetime. The next total solar eclipse across the lower 48 US states wouldn’t happen for 38 years and seven months until 21 August 2017.

The band of total darkness of the last total solar eclipse in February 1979 passed directly over waters concealing the Cascadia Subduction Zone, where two continental plates meet. One slab slides sideways and downward, curling under the other deep into the Earth’s crust, returning to a state of molten rock inside the Earth’s mantle. The submarine San Juan de Fuca Plate grinds underneath the North American Plate causing the friction and tectonic uplift that created the Cascade Mountain Range stretching 700 miles (1,100 km) in a wall of snowcapped mountains from Northern California to British Columbia. The subduction of the submarine plate grinds, heats and makes gaseous and potentially explosive magma that’s responsible for dotting the entire length of the Cascades with 15 snowcapped calderas.

The total eclipse of 1979 passed directly over the Cascadia Subduction Zone and went “lights out” over one of them, Mount Saint Helens. Fifteen months later, the once dormant and near perfect symmetry of the glacier-covered volcanic cone, earning it the title ‘Fuji-san of America’, famously committed volcanic hara-kiri, slicing open its northern slope with a samurai-sword eruption.

This, by the way, is not a fluke. It has nothing to do with “evil cosmic forces” either. There could be something more than a coincidence happening here. This book will show you a pattern of volcanic and seismic events in lands touched by total solar eclipses since the year 1999. There may be epicenters that the next great solar eclipse across America on 21 August 2017 will somehow influence and spring load for firing, right underneath the earth where millions on that day will marvel at the sun briefly disappearing behind the moon. These tightly taught temblors will spring loose a few weeks, three months, eight to 18 months or stay cocked and loaded as long as four to five years before they break and shake themselves out after the moon’s shadow had touched them with a 90 to 100-percent dark shadow.

Total eclipses seem to trigger seismic events upon the lands their shadows touch. It happened during the Solar Eclipse of 1999 that passed over Europe, the Middle East and all the way across India on 11 August 1999. A similar pattern of seismically timed events repeated during the Great Eclipse of 2009 that passed over India, the Eastern Himalayan mountains, over China, Japan and all the way deep into the South Pacific to a place off the Island of Samoa. On 21 August this year, the lower 48 United States of America will have a total solar eclipse draw its mysterious line of dark totality over four of the lower 48 states’ five most active seismic and tsunami generating quake zones.

The event is already being called ‘The Great American Eclipse’. If those who claim to see the future are onto something, there are more layers of meaning waiting to be augured than meets the wide eyes of millions safely watching it pass over them behind a set of solar eclipse-proof shades.

Astrologers and soothsayers anticipate an eclipse of many dimensions, an American ‘Eclipse’ of hegemonic power and economic preeminence in the world. Perhaps it will play the sign foretelling the fall of a president by impeachment. Indeed some wags would say that the current president, Donald J. Trump, who was born on a total lunar eclipse on 14 June 1946, is himself a walking, “huge” talking eclipse set to obscure America’s future. He’s rapidly pulling America away from the family of nations, even backing out of a leadership role in the Paris Accords to stop climate change signed by 194 nations. Moreover, President Trump has threatened a more isolationist-leaning renegotiation of – or an outright withdrawal of America from – global trade treaties and long-held military alliances. Even detractors who have no respect for forecasting the future after eclipses believe his moves will have unintended consequences: pulling the United States down rather than making it “great again.”

They see mere coincidence that a rare ‘American’ total eclipse should dramatize what a man and a nation are already doing to unravel a century-long dominant role in the world. I at least stay open to a possible and fateful synchronicity in play here. The sun shining on the American Empire may begin shrinking behind its own eclipse after the one on 21 August 2017 portends the end of the American Century. The heavens may mark with a cosmic milestone the world’s most powerful military and economic power starting its long retreat – a decline and fall of the American Empire.

Some New Age thinkers even muse that America is the reincarnation of Atlantis and that the time is nigh when it too will suffer a similar fate described in ancient myths about a technologically advanced and militarist policeman of the antediluvian world. At their peak of arrogant power, the Atlanteans drowned with their island empire in one terrible night, destroyed by earth temblors, tsunamis and natural disasters.

Time will be the judge whether the Atlantis myth has a parallel of fact waiting in America’s near future after the eclipse passes. If it does, the seismic trial will begin a few days or months after 21 August 2017, but won’t end the rumbling, tectonic plate tumbling process for at least five more years.

I predict science in our future will discover that there is a subtle electromagnetic phenomenon working here. A subtle, elusive gravitational force follows the shadows of eclipses with volcanic and seismic activity. This book will forecast what could happen, if anything, in the days following America passing under the doom – the unavoidable destiny – of the sun-eating moon.

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Dhyan Arjuna TNArjuna (John Hogue) is a world-renowned expert on the prophecies of Nostradamus and other prophetic traditions. He is author of 900 articles and 43 published books (1,170,000 copies sold) in 20 languages and sought-after for radio and TV talks shows. Arjuna presently lives in the Pacific Northwest on Whidbey Island, USA and welcomes e-mails from fellow travellers. hogueprophecy.com. He also welcomes you to join his Facebook Page.

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