Voyages — 26 August 2017


Moksha greeting Osho, third from left
Charan sparsha from Osho
Farewell to Moksha

Swami Anand Moksha (aka Kantilal Dhakan) took sannyas in 1973 at the Nargol meditation camp in Gujarat. While living in Mumbai he ran the Osho Bhavdeep Meditation Centre. He moved to Pune in 1992.

Moksha’s father was also a sannyasin, as well as are his grandchildren – so there are four generations of sannyasin.

Text and photos thanks to Jagdish – alert thanks to Aviram and Prem


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I met beloved Moksha during one of our Mystic Roses in Poona and we soon became friends. His silence and loving presence left a deep impression on me. I still see him walking with his walking stick towards the Samadhi, or around Buddha Grove, shuffling and chuckling, a mischievous smile behind his full beard, radiating so much love, touching me deeply… I still feel it and it does live on. Bye, dear Moksha, thank you for everything. ??

Beloved Moksha,
You were and are a beautiful, beautiful soul, and I remember you with great reverence and love. You loved and love Osho so much. Thank you. Love from

I met Moksha Swami in February 2016 during my first sacred pilgrimage to India. I had the privilege of being in his presence with his family, his relatives… in Poona. Two wonderful evenings to listen to Osho, to dance, to meditate together. Although I spoke little English, the communion with Moksha was there and is still… His reception, his humor, his simplicity, his presence touched me in the heart. What moments of deep joy. Gratitude. Love & Light,
Blanche Landry, Montreal (Canada)