All history is rubbish

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… and all politicians are criminals, says Osho.

All history is rubbish because it is written by the victorious.
It is not true, it has nothing to do with truth;
it is simply one standpoint,
the standpoint of the one who has become victorious.
If the other party had won, the history would have been totally different.

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If Adolf Hitler had won the war, then Churchill and Roosevelt and Stalin,
these would have been the war criminals.
Then the history would have been totally different;
then these people would have been proved
that they were the aggressive people and
Adolf Hitler was the saviour of humankind.
But now because he has lost the war, he is a criminal.
The other criminals have become heroes.
They are all criminals in fact.

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All politicians are criminals
and all politicians talk about peace
and they go on deceiving people.

Osho, No Man is and Island, Ch 23 (unpublished)

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