The whole existence consists of light


“There is only light, an immense ocean of light,” says Osho.

Osho darshan light

Light is pure energy
Life has nothing but light in it.
The whole existence consists of light.

Matter is an illusion
It only appears because we cannot see clearly
Because we cannot penetrate deeply –
That’s why it appears, otherwise it disappears.

There is only light, an immense ocean of light
And we are waves in that immense ocean.
To know it is not only to be transformed
To know it is to be reborn.

The old dies totally
And something absolutely new arrives
Which is not connected with the other at all –
It is disconnected, discontinuous.
It is the death of the old
And the resurrection of the new.

And once you feel yourself as just light
You will start feeling others also as pure light.
Then life is a dance of light, an eternal dance.
And to know this is to know what delight is.

Delight is the experience
That life is made of the stuff called light.
Then there is only celebration.
When there is no darkness
There is no death, no hell, no misery.
There is eternal celebration, halleluja!
We have been here forever
And we are going to be here forever.

Osho, Eighty Four Thousand Poems, Ch 4 (unpublished excerpt)

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