Voyages — 14 September 2017


Dhyan Suzy

Gatya writes:

Dhyan Susy (aka Suzy Ledri) from Verona, Italy, took sannyas in 2000. I met her when we both attended the Osho Divine Healing Arts. She was a nurse and a volunteer. Her passion were helping people and reading Tarot cards.

When she was about 20 years old she had a car crash, and I heard her talk about this “peaceful light” where everything is so blessed. After the car crash, her attitude to life changed a lot.


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Buon viaggio, beloved. I have never meet you, but thank you so much for sharing about the peaceful light! With love,

Ah, Susy, I remember you well from Osho Divine Healing so many years before. You brought enthusiasm and a sharp wit to class. I pray you can give some sessions on the other shore too. Svaha!