Sannyas and in the world

A Cup of Tea

A Cup of Tea (99)

Osho Mt. Abu 2

The fragrance of sannyas
has to be spread around the world.

Religions, like gaols,
have imprisoned the flower of sannyas too
within their great walls.
Hence the sannyasin has to say now:
I belong to no religion – all religions are mine.

It was an awful mistake
to tear sannyas away from the world.
It has become bloodless.
And the world without sannyas has lost its life.

A new bridge has to be built between the two.
Sannyas has to be given back its blood,
and the world, its soul.
Sannyas has to be returned to samsara,
fearless and unattached,
in the world yet not of it,
in the crowds, yet alone!

And the world has to be brought to sannyas too,
fearless and unattached.
Then sannyas will be a real sannyas
and not an escape from the world.

It will be sannyas and in the world.
Only then can that bridge of gold be built
joining the seen with the unseen,
the form with the formless.

Commit yourself to this great work,
join in the building of this great bridge!

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