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After Meera’s death there have been various events worldwide to celebrate and remember her life and work. We asked Svagito, who has been organising many of them, to let us know more.

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In the last six months I have been conducting more than 20 evening and some day- and half-day events in memory of Meera in about 15 different countries. With the help of Meera’s amazing team of assistants we had some extensive exhibitions of her paintings and we even managed to run all the groups and trainings that Meera had scheduled for this year. Each one of the courses came about in a very beautiful way and Meera’s presence was tangible to everyone present.

During an evening event I usually show a compilation taken from Meera’s DVDs that Hamido had filmed and afterwards I present a selection of Meera’s original paintings including some high-quality prints that are also available to order from the Meera Art Foundation website. I then talk a little about how she created some of the paintings, how Osho guided Meera in her creativity and that he had asked her to lead art groups in 1976. I always add some anecdotes that Meera told me in the 25 years that we have been together. Sometimes we also do a small playful exercise about creativity à la Meera.

Just nine days before she left the body, Meera gave an interview in Dubai of about 5 minutes where she talks about passion and how to die with a laughter. It is an extraordinary film that I always show, sometimes together with another 5-minute short film about the global life celebration we held in Tokyo to celebrate Meera’s life.

People say that through these events they felt moved and were inspired to get a taste of Meera’s work and vision of creativity, to see a tiny portion of what she contributed during her life on this planet. I love to feel that Meera’s message, her passion, enthusiasm and love for life and for people continues to spread and reach many, even those who have never met her.

I truly feel that love never dies and that it is up to me, and up to all of us, to connect to love in each moment. Meera taught me this in so many ways and is still doing so. I feel it even more now than ever that the only thing in life that matters is love.

In the photo gallery that accompanies this text you can see a small selection of photos taken at events during these last months, starting with the painting course under the cherry trees in Japan – in exactly the same location where Meera loved to paint cherry blossoms every year. You can see the exhibition at the Osho Festival in Italy in April and the exhibition at Miasto in August. There are also pictures of the big Scandinavian festival in Sweden, from the Karakaja Retreat Center in Turkey and from an event at the Uta Osho Centre in Cologne, where I showed her paintings.

Hamido and I also visited Toledo, where Meera had lived for six years in the seventies and was part of a famous art group. We discovered many of her old paintings in the houses of her old friends. We also did some interviews that Hamido recorded while they were telling stories about the time when Meera lived in Toledo. She touched the hearts of so many people all around the globe.

This summer I even led a small painting event myself, which was something quite new for me. In the past I would mostly just support Meera’s team of assistants giving them some input about group-leading skills. It was touching to see how the assistants all worked together with so much love and mutual respect. It must be rare to find such a team spirit anywhere else.

I would also like to mention that we finally succeeded in creating a ’Meera Art Foundation’ in Germany, whose function will be to preserve Meera’s art for future generations, to create exhibitions of her paintings and support artists who work in the field of art and meditation in the way Meera had envisioned. This foundation will, so I hope, also succeed in creating a permanent exhibition venue in Europe – as well as in Japan – where Meera’s paintings can be shown. In my view, her paintings are a direct translation of Osho’s message to us and should not belong to individuals, but be available to a broader public.

Meera was such a giving person, she was sharing so much joy and love with everyone and gave herself totally in everything she did. I suppose this is also why she could leave her body in bliss. She left with us so many gifts and her paintings are an expression of her joy and love for Osho and meditation. I feel she would be most satisfied if they could bring a glimpse of happiness and silence into the hearts of those who look at them. This, and the discoveries she made while working with people, is her legacy and I will do my utmost to keep it alive.

This year has been, and still is, the most challenging and painful of my life. To lose my beloved in a sudden accident without being able to do anything has shaken me to the core and above all I can’t even explain how I feel. To be able to cry deeply for weeks on one hand, and sit in meditation for long periods on the other, has helped me to cope. Also, to feel this huge wave of love from so many people, some I hardly know, to feel that Meera was able to let go in such an amazing way and to always feel her love with me, gave me a lot of energy. The task of taking care of Meera’s art and her work, and surrounding myself with her paintings wherever I go, helps me to carry on.

I left some of her ashes under the cherry trees in Japan, some in Miasto in the dream forest where Manfredo has created a stone monument for her, and some I spread into a small creek near Amalurra, a holistic venue near Bilbao in Spain, close to the spot where Meera used to paint. You can see some photos of that too.

In May would have been Meera’s 70th body birthday. Each year she got from me a bunch of roses of the amount of her years in this life – this time there were 70!

On 9th July this year, dancer, choreographer and therapist Chetan Karla Bosák performed, together with dancers Franco Heera Carola and Gunther Henne, an homage to Meera in front of projections of Meera’s artwork at the Stadttheater Landsberg, Germany [ed.].

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SvagitoSvagito leads trainings in various therapeutic approaches, especially Counseling, Family Constellation and Pulsation. For many years he coordinated the two-month Osho Therapist Training Program at the Osho Meditation Resort in Pune, India. Every year, he travels extensively through Europe, Asia and South America, offering courses and training programs in over 15 different countries. www.family-constellation.net

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