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Three Dutch artists; Abhilasha, Pathika and Meera; showed their artwork recently near Amsterdam.

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A beautiful old mansion set in nature along the river Amstel on the outskirts of Amsterdam, Netherlands, hosted – from 15th September till 1st October – an exhibition of paintings and sculptures by Abhilasha van Ness, Pathika Schuilenga and Meera Stenfert Kroese.

The three artists met in summer 2015 at a painting workshop with Meera Hashimoto in Bilbao, Spain. Their exhibition, together, was also an homage to Meera and a celebration of the inspiration they have received from her.

The artists have been inspired by nature, expressed in the “beingness of the trees” in the paintings by Pathika (watercolours, acrylics, charcoal) and Abhilasha (watercolours, ecoline, acrylics and chalk), and in the “sensitive understanding of human nature” in Meera Kroese’s bronze sculptures, portraits and human figures, that are inspired by Egyptian mythology.

“Many visitors where touched by the authenticity and silence reflected in the work.
It was a wonderful happening in nature, with nature and for nature,” writes Pathika.
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