Trees and leaves

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Nirav’s most recent creations exhibited in our online Art Gallery.


About a year ago, an insane idea entered my mind and I started to believe that I had to stop painting the way I had been painting so far; I thought that I had to find a new style and paint something else but leaves and trees.

This belief created so much chaos and confusion that I went through a major crisis as an artist; I got completely stuck and stopped painting for many months. One morning last spring, looking at the beauty of the oak tree in front of my window, bathing in the morning light here in Provence, I decided to give it another try.

As I started to paint trees and leaves again, beauty immediately appeared on its own, depth and mystery started unfolding on the paper, and my inner space naturally transpired through the forms and colours. My heart expanded with joy, my creativity caught fire again, and this idea that I had to be someone else crumbled into pieces in an instant. I smiled and continued painting nature with watercolours throughout the whole summer; each leaf carrying a different fragrance of my inner silence and aliveness, each tree bringing me deeper inside.

This series is a taste of what came out and it is a joy to share this here with you.

NiravNirav grew up in France, studied Sinology in Berlin and then Bengali at R. Tagore’s Shantiniketan in West Bengal, India. After a few very wild hippy years touring the world in the late 80’s, he moved to Pune where he spent 21 years absorbing the rainbow of Osho’s vision. Today Nirav spends most of his time between Provence and Arunachala in south India.

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