Man is immortal


“Down the ages man has been searching to find how to conquer death. And in fact there is no need to search, because death is an illusion,” says Osho

Osho darshan Devateerth Bharti

Death never happens – it only appears to. Man is immortal. Man need not be immortal. He has not to work for it – it is already the case, but we don’t know the man who is inside us. All that is needed is an acquaintance. You have to be introduced to yourself, that’s all. The moment you are introduced you will see that you have never died, and you cannot die – death cannot happen. Only the body dies and the consciousness continues. It changes houses, it changes old garments for new. The journey is eternal.

There are only two things which are the greatest illusions in the world: one is the ego and the other is death. And both are joined together, in fact, are two aspects of the same coin. It is because of the ego that the other illusion of death is created. Because we think we are separate from the whole, the fear arises: ‘We will die.’ The moment we know we are not separate from the whole, who is going to die? There is nobody to die, the whole has continued.

The moment the wave thinks itself separate from the ocean, the fear will arrive that sooner or later it will die, because it will see other waves dying and disappearing. But the moment the wave recognises the fact that it is not separate – it is part of the ocean, and those waves which have disappeared have not really disappeared; they have gone back into the source, they will come again…. Another season, another wind, and they will be born. And the game continues. It is an eternal play of consciousness.

Osho, Don’t Look Before You Leap, Ch 7

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