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Praful talks about the creation of a trilogy of music albums. First is ‘Silence Speaks’, next ‘Call of the Beloved’ out this month. “What happened during the four days of recording was beyond all expectations and belongs to my most beautiful and joyful experiences in music and friendship…”

Silence Speaks by PrafulFor a few years I’ve had the dream to gather some of my favorite musicians and record in a big, inspiring studio. I was longing to invoke and record the kind of magic, inspiration and spontaneity that we experience during concerts, like back in the ‘old’ days, in the last millennium, when there was no way of recording other than playing all together, instead of using an overdubbing and internet sharing process which is so common now in this digital age.

In January 2017, we spent four days in Fattoria Studio near Osnabrück, Germany: six musicians, a ‘love support team’, a cameraman and a sound engineer. The plan was to record both new compositions I had especially written for this project, as well as give lots of room to improvise and create entire pieces out of the moment. The love support team of four goddesses was there to feed us, hug us and be there physically inside the studio doing Yoga, Massage and Healing while we were playing. My hope was that, in this field of love, magic would happen and divine inspiration would come kissing us.

What happened during those four days was beyond all expectations and belongs to my most beautiful and joyful experiences in music and friendship – we became a truly Spirited Tribe. All that these sonic diamonds needed was a little polishing, adding a few voices and extra elements. So much music was recorded in this short time that it will be released on three CDs, each with a different theme.

Silence Speaks is the first of the trilogy, with the most delicate, soft and silent pieces put together. All was purely improvised, nothing pre-composed. It was born from and can be used for Massage, Healing, Yoga and Meditation. It is Silence Speaking.

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The second album, Call of the Beloved, has now also been released, this month. It contains the shorter compositions, some instrumental, some with English lyrics or Sanskrit mantras.

Completing the trilogy, the third offers long improvised pieces which build up from very soft to more moving, similar to Sufi whirling music. It will be available beginning of 2018.

Available from and and from Praful’s website: Silence and Call of the

PrafulPraful grew up in Germany and studied Jazz Sax & Flute at the Amsterdam Conservatory. In 1992 he came to Pune where he took sannyas. In the meantime he has become a world-renowned sax and flute player, producer, performer and pioneer, feeling at home in many different musical styles. Some of his albums sold more than 100.000 worldwide, with a #1 hit (Sigh) on the US Jazz radio. He has also composed many of the famous mantras for Deva Premal. When not touring, Praful lives and works near Cologne in Germany.

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