Nandin introduces a track from her album ‘Blessings’.


The blessing of meditation is reflected in the keyboard improvisations on my album ‘Blessings’. They were recorded before and after satsang with Samarpan.

As is often the case after satsang, I simply put my hands on the keyboard and play whatever comes, reflecting the energy of the last two hours spent together.

This time, I watched in absolute wonder as my hands played as if moved by someone else, creating a piece of music that astonished and surprised me!

I broke out in delighted laughter at the end of the piece since it was such an unexpected and joyous experience! That is how powerful satsang can be.

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NandinAlthough I tried to resist, I was magnetically attracted to Osho just as he left the Ranch in 1985. I then gave up my previous life as a classical orchestral musician and struck off into the world of sannyas! I ended up fulfilling a secret desire by busking in the street in Rome which enabled me to travel to India in the winter to be with Osho and play in the musical meditations with all the wonderful musicians there. Now I often play at the Osho Center in Cologne. nandinmusic.com

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