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Arjuna (aka John Hogue) just released his 44th book expressing his vision for a community of Americans to emerge after a grassroot revolution, writes Bhagawati.

Beyond Alt-Right Alt-LeftThis book unexpectedly came into being because of all the positive feedback Arjuna got for his essay on the recent racially-charged riots in Charlottesville, USA.

He exposes the developing Left-Blue and Right-Red identity politics that is dividing the American people today. It aims to take the reader beyond that polarity before it causes complete breakdown of the United States in the near future.

Arjuna recounts the prediction he made in 1997 for BBC Radio that got his phones wiretapped for six months: “If future US Presidents and Congress continue to sustain and intensify a partisan deadlock between ‘Red’ Republican and ‘Blue’ Democrat legislators into the early decades of the twenty-first century, there will be a Balkanization of America, either caused by a bloody civil war or revolution, beginning by 2020.”

‘Balkanization’ defines a country or region undergoing a violent process of fragmenting into smaller and often failing states at odds and often at war with each other.

The clock is running down. 2020 is only a few years away. According to what he laid out in this new book, the United States is right on schedule. No moderation of the danger is in sight. Indeed, the momentum of political polarization of the United States dividing its people into Red and Blue Americans is now on steroids.

Commenting on the status quo in America, Arjuna says in his book, “Trump, for all his many faults, is where he is today sitting in the Oval Office because the corporate powers that made Hillary their poster child puppet did not believe a grassroots, popular movement of predominantly white working class people in red states would take Trump over the electoral threshold of 270 votes to victory. All the protests of 65 million Clinton supporters with a 2.8 million popular vote edge could not prevent that change they didn’t believe in from happening.”

This is a key moment exposing the two-party duopoly in turmoil. The mafia with a two-party, double-crossing, false mask shown to the people is slipping. The book includes an essay Arjuna wrote for Predictions 2015-2016, composed and documented from 22 November to 31 December 2014. He calls it the next important step beyond the era of Trump that all Americans, whatever their political aspirations and polarities, must tread if a bloody civil war or nation-destroying revolution is to be avoided.

Read an excerpt from the book: Politics of the fourth way

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