A dance that follows the tickle of inspiration


Devesh shares a mixed selection of photographs; “I rarely go looking for images, rather I find myself surprised and inspired by the things I see around me, almost all the time.”

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For quite a while now I am always ‘seeing’ in a photographic sense, whether I am taking any pictures or not. I rarely go looking for images, rather I find myself surprised and inspired by the things I see around me, almost all the time. It could be some tiny detail, or the vastness of a landscape. It could be the warm aliveness of a bloom, or the massive presence of some industrial site. And invariably it’s the play of light in its infinite variations that ‘makes’ ordinary things I see into something that ‘speaks’ to me. It’s hard to say what that ‘language’ is but I feel I understand it somewhere deep inside.

The picture making process is my constant meditation. It’s a kind of dance that follows the tickle of inspiration. I look this way and that, closer and further, from different angles, until things line up in some mysterious way. It’s strange now to be describing it because all this happens almost without my doing something so much as following something.

For over a year now I have been making my pictures almost exclusively with the iPhone. It’s always with me anyway, and the truth is I am as satisfied with the quality of the images as I usually am with my ‘professional’ camera.

I do have some add-on lenses I use sometimes, but mostly not. Almost all of my shots are also processed in some way to enhance the image, to ‘draw out’ the qualities I saw in my mind’s eye. This too I do on the iPhone – and then I can post and share and send the final result immediately. I find this very satisfying. My Mom is a daily recipient of pictures this way and it is a sweet way to nourish our connection. Then to Facebook. I resisted so long to use that place – and I am still of mixed feelings about it – but that’s where everyone is, and sharing my images with others is another level of my joy.

Devesh KomaromiDevesh Komaromi came to Pune in the seventies and many of us might remember him as the man behind the video camera taking some of Osho’s first videos during discourse. He worked as an independent commercial photographer in Montreal for 20 years and is a graduate of the Photographic Arts program of Ryerson University in Toronto. He now works and lives in Victoria on Vancouver Island.

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