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Excerpt from Arjuna’s (John Hogue) latest book, Beyond Alt-right and Alt-left, showing ways to make the coming grassroot revolution and renewal of America creative and peaceful.

Election party

Abandon the two-party scam, Americans. The lesser of two evils is “evil” winning anyway. These inhuman corporations are now running wild with their money as free speech, stifling your human voice. They know how to play you. They’ll put up a set of presidential candidates who will play “lesser of two evils” with you. Their evil will win because “you” vote it in.

You can’t be less evil, no more than you can be less pregnant than somebody else when impregnated. So, you Democrats will use your majority population in 2016 to vote in the lesser evil, Hillary Clinton, even though the corporations would prefer Jeb Bush as their more business-friendly puppet. Either way, they will keep winning, thanks to you.

Abandon the two-party system.

Form an alliance of Americans to find a common ground.

Forty-six percent of the US voters call themselves Independents. [Update 26 September 2017: it is now around 60 percent.] Find each other. Assemble on the Internet and then assemble in the streets, in the town halls. Put aside what the DemaCrips and BloodPublican political hoods have turned you into thanks to their bought media hacks. You’re always defining yourselves by what you are against. Rather, define yourselves by what you hold in common, what you share with other Americans.

Build from that.

Wake up from this cursed spell of Red and Blue voting that these political mafias have shaded over your eyes and minds, planted by their televised news anchors and pundit boobs on the tube.

Jesse Ventura is absolutely in harmony with what prophecy says you all should do, vote for anyone who isn’t a Republican or Democrat. Go on strike against a system that takes you down as a loser, either way you vote. Don’t wait for the revolution to trickle down like Reaganomics on your bothered head. The one-percent’s revolution is bearing down hard on you. Its color isn’t blue or red; it’s a repeat of the “Brown” Revolution of Adolf Hitler – brown as the uniform of his storm troopers. Then, like now, it was financed and pushed into power by one-percenters.

They had a lesser of two evils party to help that happen in the form of the Social Democrats. Like your Democrats they seemed to have your interests in mind, but their minds were weak and their spines were generally non-existent. They also were well-spoken failures like Obama when it came time to forcefully proclaim their achievements when attacked.

If Fascism overshadows this country, all of you voting for the Democrats are as much responsible for it as Social Democrats who let the wolf (Adolphus) Hitler into their chicken coop, because you vote like chickens with your heads cut off. You run around the cage all caught up in your pluck-feathered sentiments rather than using your reason. You just don’t see how you’re being played for a fool yet, but you will.

It’s coming. A grassroots revolution. An “American Party” is going to form a wedge stuck in the machinery of the status quo. Its platform will include the abolishment by law of parties, for they are anti-democratic organizations. When you look at your candidates this corporately-imposed mindset compels you to ask, “does he or she follow the Republican or the Democrat party line?”

You think “party.” You don’t relate to the “human being” standing before you.

Take those blue and red sunglasses away from your eyes and regard your candidates in their true colors.

To do this you need to form a publicly funded media that has NO corporate sponsors or advertisement. This monster media you currently listen to and watch keeps you distracted from finding out how your candidates tick. Indeed, your candidates can’t be themselves to get the money needed to run. They have to make false Donkeycrat and Dumbopublican faces, not their own. They, as well as you, need to be free of the two-party money-politics-laundering system so they and you get real, debate the issues of the people, by the people and for the people.

Establish an anti-corporate and publicly funded citizen media. End all political parties by law. There shall be no lobbyist but the American people in Washington. Declare any other lobbying as illegal. That’s first.

The American Party aims to be the last political party because it intends to end parties, end corporate financing of elections, throw Citizens United off the law books, and bring the military home from nation building abroad to nation building this soon-to-be failed state called America.

Your country’s future demands you go on strike against the two-party mafia by coming together, left, right and center. Find common ground, build from there. Take back your constitution and your country. You have lost it to special interests, many of which are foreign sourced. Evil doesn’t invade with an army in our day, it invades with an army of multinational corporations. Its soldiers are those billionaires who march to an anti-democratic drumbeat, its enablers hide behind robes of Justice in the Supreme Court.

The future will bring us a new kind of revolution with a synesthetic quality, a mixing of systems similar to the neurological phenomenon where sensations blend together in the mind of those who can hear a color or see a sound. The concept of the bitcoin, blockchain transaction is an idea that will morph into new political and social constructs of the Aquarian Age. From math overtaking precious metals as a new concept of value, watch as well the fundamental power shift as blockchaining spreads to other dimensions of life, empowering individuals over centralized control that will eventually deconstruct the need for borders and national identities. International goes “inter-local-transnational.” The blockchain unbroken will unexpectedly hasten the birth of a new global society and global village through the avenue of simple market supply and demand for individual freedom over the centralized state.

Bitcoin will be responsible for a political revolution rendering politics free of political parties. We’re not talking about a third party. A grassroots movement will emerge that uses the tools of the Internet to network common ground amongst a community of individuals: I call this revolution the “Politics of the Fourth Way.” It’s not Democrat, Republican “or” even a third party. All parties are systems of collectivization of the individual. They are prone to corruption.

Excerpt from Arjuna’s latest book, Beyond Alt-right and Alt-left, available in Kindle format from amazon.comamazon.co.ukamazon.deamazon.in

Review and presentation by Bhagawati: Beyond Alt-Right Alt-Left

Dhyan Arjuna TNArjuna (John Hogue) is a world-renowned expert on the prophecies of Nostradamus and other prophetic traditions. He is author of 900 articles and 44 published books (1,170,000 copies sold) in 20 languages and sought-after for radio and TV talks shows. Arjuna presently lives in the Pacific Northwest on Whidbey Island, USA and welcomes e-mails from fellow travellers. hogueprophecy.com. He also welcomes you to join his Facebook Page.

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