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Review by Krishna Jani of Manish Vyas’s recent album: “Everyone who seeks music for their meditation playlist should hear this. “

Sahaj AtmaAs a musician from India, I was sent this CD before it was launched, and I was captured by the vibration of each song. Having been trained in Indian singing, I must say the vocals are outstanding.

Manish’s voice has a very special vibration, like harmonic waves supporting a music of devotion from deep within his being. Although his singing differs from the Indian classical training style that I have followed, it has a great personality. I find it soothing and captivating.

The melodies or ragas, combined by the various Indian instruments are unique and not found elsewhere in other mantra CDs – and maybe that is a key point: this music is unique and genuine.

Because there are thousands of mantra CDs out there, some of them with nice melodies, tough few are able to sustain the devotional spirit of this ancient Naad Yoga tradition, or sound that can bring inner harmony.

Manish opens this new mantra album by invoking a prayer, Sahaja Vavatu, a very traditional manta which we recite on a regular basis in Hinduism. I really loved it as an opening since it has such a positive message of protection, unity, peace and strength.

Towards the middle of the collection, the mantra after which the album is named – Sahaj Atma – is featured, invoking the presence of the natural state of our being. I felt its purpose is to reach that space within us, through music, yet  not disturbing the inner voice. This collection of mantras is set forth with that in mind: not to be the main character, but to remain an accompanying character throughout our quiet moments.

Each mantra (in total there are 7) has a different meaning: nourishment, peace, fear removal, self-remembrance, divine teacher, mother, inner and outer peace – as explained in the album back cover. The meanings are clearly captured in the music, so I could feel they were not written randomly, but really incorporated in the music, feeling-wise.

As a Hindu myself, I enjoy these mantras to accompany my daily prayers and meditation. I also practice and teach yoga and find this album perfect for this activity as well. Although I do yoga mostly without music, I teach yoga and sometimes play mantras during the pranayam and meditation part of the class – and for that, this really goes well.

As mantras are not at all limited to any religion, everybody has the chance to chant them for themselves and feel their immense power, somewhat tantric, somewhat hypnotic.

Everyone who seeks music for their meditation playlist should hear this. It has the quality of elemental and timeless – yet keeping this ancient tradition authentic and accessible.

Review by Krishna Jani (singer, music director and composer of Indian music, based in Mumbai, Master of Music in Performance/Voice at Saurashtra University)

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Manish VyasManish Vyas grew up in a sannyas family in Gujarat, India. He played live for Osho together with musicians from all over the world. This period helped his musical horizon expand. Manish has since performed, recorded and travelled with Prem Joshua, Chinmaya, Snatam Kaur, Shastro, Praful, Sudha, Maneesh and many other musicians. He has also composed mantras for Deva Premal.

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