Face of a Flower


The title track of the first album by the band Ascension, lead by Amano Manish with his compositions on slide guitar.

Face of a Flower

I have had the chance, and luck, to put together a band, Ascension, with some very talented and sought-after contemporary musicians. It became quite unique as my compositions found a way to ride on various grooves such as Funk, Trance, Bossa Nova, Reggae and Rock, all fused with Indian musical sensibilities and ethos. Our aim is to create music of joy and celebration.

Apart from me playing the Indian slide guitar, we have Alok Kulkarni: Electric Guitar, Bass, Programming – Sasmit Rudra: Keyboards, Bass – Rohit Wankar: Flute – Jairaj Joshi: Drums – Vivek Bhalerao: Tabla, Djembe – Abhijit Bhade: Drums – Umang: Congas.

‘Face of a Flower’ is our first album together. It is named after Hazrat Babajaan’s childhood name Gulrukh. Hazrat Babajan was a Pashtun Muslim saint who lived her final 25 years in Pune, and is considered the original master of Meher Baba.

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Amano ManishAmano Manish learned to play slide guitar as a young child from his father. He later trained in the Senia Maihar Gharana tradition with maestros likes Basant Kabra and Brijbhushan Kabra. He took sannyas in 1994 and enthralled many of the visitors to the commune with his playing. In 1997 he permanently moved to Pune and studied under Shekhar Borkar. Manish now tours the world to play and record with other established musicians. amanomanish.com – youtubefacebook.com/Ascensionworldmusic

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