Diving into the unknown

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An online exhibition of Prabhu’s artwork; “Art has to be made in such a way that the spectator and the artist can enter into a positive space of harmony and centering.”

Dreaming with Kaziranga
The song of the universe
Celebration at nightfall
Through the shadows of the forest
Feathers for a lady's hat
Libelulas - Dragonflies
Yin, Yang
Amazonian swamp mysteries (Tucuxis, the pink dolphins)
A Hora do Banho - Amazonian swamp mysteries (Bathing Time)
Magical tree
The mysterious tree of Brasilia
…In a levelling and daring flight
A windy day
Forest shadows in the sunset
Just before sunset
Carpet woven by the wind
Boys, I looked up and saw an imagine
Terra do Encantamento - Enchanted Land
Tashi Delek

My painting theme, in essence, is linked to nature, particularly the nature that surrounds me, the Brazilian savanna (called here the cerrado). It includes stars, skies, birds, flowers, trees, insects and other animals, like the ones I see wandering by in the Brasilia National Park that is near my home: tapirs, monkeys, coatis, deer, capybaras, and colorful birds: toucans, parrots, macaw birds and so on. Also some oniric or symbolic spaces and reminiscences appear, from other places where I have lived, like the Amazon, and maritime environments.

Nowadays my work is mainly in acrylics, but sometimes I use watercolors and temperas (casein), soft and oil pastels, and seldom, collages. I like to make my own paints out of raw materials. Some of the pigments I use are collected in nature and processed by myself. Some supports, like the canvasses, are also handmade, so that I know exactly the surface I’ll be dealing with. What I like about colors the most is their contrast and diversity; for example, if I’m going to use a particular shade of red, this same shade can have many hues, giving an optical variety to the painting.

In my work I let my expression flow, without any ties. It is an expression of my inner space. I always search for a language that comes from positive moments. When I am in a negative mood I let the brush aside because, for me, we have to put into the world only positive spaces. But when these come, they must come close to people and be seen.

The positive is always in a light language; it gives more joy and harmony. This is the way I feel art should be; and my contribution is always towards the positive. For me, art has to be made in such a way that the spectator (the one who sees art) and the artist (the one who makes art) can enter into a positive space of harmony and centering.

The painting series which appears here reflects different moments and different spaces of my life and, in a broader way, they are an attempt to convey what has been happening to me since I became a sannyasin, in 1975…

Diving into the unknown, the mysterious, the inexplicable…

Swami Prem PrabhuPrabhu took sannyas in his hometown, Porto Alegre, Brazil, in 1975. After visiting Pune he dropped his university studies in architecture and became a full-time artist. He became the co-charge of Purnam Center in Porto Alegre, 1977/78, and after moving to Brasilia in 1978 he ran the Amrito and later the Vivek Meditation Center. After a short sting as a cook at the Santa Cruz Abhinava Center in 1982, he returned to Brazil where he continues to paint, giving art workshops and Reiki seminars together with his long-time partner, Nitya. This year he is celebrating 40 years of his career as an artist, during which he participated in more than 75 exhibitions. prabhunlimited @ gmail.com – www.swprabhu.wordpress.comfacebook/swamipremprabhu

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