Dancing to stay together

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Anand Maitrey, aka Maadhyam, is Kul Bhushan’s 13 year-old grandson. He is all for dancing so a family can bond in bliss.

A family that dances together stays together. How is it possible for a family to dance together when the father is working late, the children are doing their homework and the mother is tired after her chores?

If not on a weekday, this is possible on a weekend. But how? Just start playing foot tapping music and the children can start dancing. As they are enjoying themselves, they can invite their parents to join them. It is difficult to persuade the parents at first, but after repeated requests, they may well start moving their bodies and dance.

Children dancing

But why? Why should a family dance together?

Because it is a gift. It is a joy. It is a bliss that ties all souls together, something very central for a family to bond. The feelings generated through energetic dances can open your heart and dissolve your worries. It can start with a smile, then a tap, then a movement and then, before you know it, you are swaying to the rhythm of the song you dance to. The dance is a force so strong that you can dance to the beat of your own heart. The emotions we project while dancing is something so powerful it can melt the mind of the most serious person you know.

Thus, a family that dances together, stays together.

Anand MaitreyAnand Maitrey, aka Maadhyam, is Kul Bhushan’s 13 year-old grandson who lives with his extended family in New Delhi.

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