Love people, relate with people

Darshans Osho on Love

In darshan, Osho speaks to Prito: “One has to be two things: at the center, bliss, at the circumference, love; inside, bliss, outside, love.

Love is the outside of bliss; bliss is the inside of love. Hence bliss can happen when you are alone, but love needs sharing, love needs togetherness.

The whole past history of humanity is the history of a long failure, an exercise in utter futility, and this has been the reason, because we tried to do the impossible. Either we wanted to save the outside, so people tried to be loving…. But how can you be loving if you are not blissful? And how can you be unloving if you are blissful? They both happen simultaneously.

Dancing in darshan

And that’s my effort: to introduce both together to my sannyasins. So in meditation be alone and enjoy your aloneness, but don’t become shut up within yourself. Don’t become an introvert; that is pathological. Keep your doors and windows open so that the sun can come in and the rain and the wind. And don’t become a prisoner of your aloneness; come out of it sometimes, dancing, singing. Love people, relate with people. Both are not opposites but complementaries, and both help each other. The more you love, the more blissful you become; the more blissful you are, the more you can love.

So my sannyasins are not monks. My sannyasins are neither worldly not otherworldly because we don’t divide: it is one universe, one solid universe. And we don’t divide it into the material and the spiritual, into the lower and the higher, the mundane and the sacred; we simply don’t divide. We accept the totality as it is and we try to live it in totality.

If this experiment succeeds, this experiment of living life in its totality, then humanity can be saved; otherwise there is no hope. By becoming a sannyasin you are not only doing something good to yourself; you are doing something immensely valuable to the whole of humanity’s future.

Osho, Even Bein’ Gawd Ain’t A Bed of Roses, Ch 8 (unpublished)


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