Dharm Chaitanya


(15 December 1944 – 18 January 2018)


Swami Dharm Chaitanya (aka DC Swami, Naresh Jokharkar) was born in Mandvi (Surat) Gujarat, India. His father was a great help for him to grow spiritually. While living in Mumbai he came to know about Osho and visited him in Woodlands, Peddar Road.

In the late seventies Dharm Chaitanya used to travel daily, from Mumbai to Pune, to listen to Osho’s discourses. He eventually took sannyas in 1984, and started working in the ashram in the electrical department and air-conditioning maintenance.

In 1980 he moved to USA and from there he regularly visited the Pune Commune. In year 2009/10 he moved to Hamden, Connecticut where he lived for the rest of his life.

Dharm Chaitanya had a tremendous sense of humor. He was a very loving and caring person. He was also a party person!

Info and photos thanks to Anil Vora, Amrit Ojas/Datta, Shunyanand


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Beloved Swami Naresh was a dear, dear friend. He lived with us at Osho Shambala in Ithaca, New York for a couple of years in the late 90’s. We did a “soft version” of Dynamic Meditation daily, followed by breakfast with chai. I didn’t realize it at the time, but these experiences brought me very close, spiritually, to Naresh.

My family and I have so many fond and happy memories of him. Naresh and I would drop my little grandson off to 4-H camp daily in the summer then we would go visiting other sannyasins. To us he was ‘Uncle Naresh’.

Naresh had the patience of a saint. I never heard a mean word from his lips. He was kind-hearted and generous.

For the last three years, Naresh gifted me with an Osho diary from Pune. The week before he left his body, he rang me asking for my address so he could send me the the one for 2018. A couple of days later, I received his lovely gift in the mail.

I am so glad I immediately texted him telling him how much I appreciated his thoughtful gift. I told him we loved him and sent him lots of hugs and more love.

I’m so happy I did that because a week later I received an unexpected call; our beloved Swami Naresh, had left his body.

I know he is flying with Osho. He had been preparing for some time. He sent me another gift a couple of years ago, The Osho Bardo CD… I used it the day after Naresh left his body. It was extremely powerful.

I have been missing and praying for Naresh daily since he left his body on January 18, 2018. I am grateful to have this opportunity to share some of my experiences about him with you here. His leaving his body (on the same day that Osho left His in India time) has made a profound impact on me. A good friend of mine is now on the other side – so part of me has gone there, too.

Om Shanti Osho
Only Love Exists

Ma Satyam Pratiti, aka Tara Shambala

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