Horoscope February 2018


Sitara says that in February, the first half of the month is more likely to benefit fire and air signs, while the second half will benefit earth and water signs.


Aquarius - Pisces symbol


Sun 13° Aquarius – 10° Pisces
Moon 18° Leo – 26° Leo
Mercury 1° Aquarius – 20° Pisces
Venus 17° Aquarius – 23° Pisces
Mars 3° – 20° Sagittarius
Jupiter 21° – 23° Scorpio
Saturn 5° – 7° Capricorn
Chiron 26° – 27° Pisces
Uranus 25° – 26° Aries
Neptune 13° – 14° Pisces
Pluto 20° – 21° Capricorn
North Node 15° – 14° Leo
Lilith 9° – 12° Capricorn
New Moon, 15th, 21.06 h GMT 27° Aquarius


Mood of the Moment

In this month, the first half is more likely to benefit fire and air signs, while the second half will benefit earth and water signs. This means that the pace during the first half of February can be rapid. If you want to keep up, you need a sporting attitude and the willingness to plunge headfirst into new adventures. In the second half of February, on the other hand, it is better not to hurry and to get in tune with situations before taking action. In that way those who like to compete and rush ahead get their money’s worth, as well as the ones who prefer to take their time and get a feeling for situations before they decide.

Although the second half of the month is calmer, it is also suitable for new ventures. However, as long as you are hesitant, the time is not yet ripe. Then it’s better not to create a fait accompli, but to look more closely at situations and issues. You can count on it: as soon as action is imminent, you will act.

Then again, in the first half of the month due to too much activity you sometimes just want to lie low, not wanting to do anything anymore. However, it is better to stay active during this time – and avoid exaggerations as much as possible.


AriesAries: A relaxed and cheery half of February awakens the desire for dancing, skiing and ice-skating, but also for inspiring discussions or exuberant celebrations. The second half of the month is more strained. Maybe after all those pleasures of the first weeks you no longer enjoy purposeful action – in any case, it is now difficult to find a clear orientation and cope with everyday life. Activities related to spiritual or creative content are the easiest for you.


TaurusTaurus: Maintain your independence in the first half of the month; above all liberate yourself from fixed ideas about how life should develop. This way you can be laid-back instead of being too focused on fulfilling your wishes. From the second third of the month your confidence increases that life will carry you – hence you can relax. At the end of February, your desire to become active grows – not out of necessity, but because you enjoy using your energy for meaningful goals.


GeminiGemini: Especially the first half of the month encourages new activities, generates original encounters and interesting exchanges. Stay as you are: awake, fresh and open, then you will have exciting experiences and receive unusual information. The last third of February stirs a completely different side in you: Neptune dominates and encourages you to let go and hand the reins to life itself. It will give you experiences and insights you would never have thought of on your own.


CancerCancer: The month begins full of verve. However, you will only feel happy if you pay attention to sufficient grounding and depth. The New Moon in mid-February is in Aquarius, which favours mental activities: reading, writing, listening, talking, discussing, studying. Find new areas of interest and new ways to dedicate yourself to them. Enjoy the feeling that you are free to determine what you want to learn and in which way. After the New Moon emotions come gradually back into play.


LeoLeo: Exciting or tense – that depends on your standards. Excitement results from human interaction. Tension only arises when you shut yourself off or your expectations are too high. Get rid of fixed ideas and take on an observational, almost scientific view. Consider the species man in all its curious forms of expression. That’s how you can remain playful and have fun instead of judging or declining. And there’s a chance to have amazingly interesting encounters.


VirgoVirgo: This month is suitable for common actions and experiences. No need to be all too meticulous, just stay open and adventurous. Let others be as they are and choose the ones that best suit you. The others may also populate this planet, but get out of their way if you can. The second half of February is more emotional. Emotions can enrich life, e. g. through warm-heartedness, empathy, devotion or gratitude. Welcome them and enjoy your life!


LibraLibra: Flexibility and tolerance make the beginning of the month a pure pleasure. For starters, from the 11th you could be wandering through life rather disoriented. Find within what you can rely on one hundred percent. Here’s a little hint: you can be totally sure that you’re here now – even if you may not know exactly what you really are. Abide as pure being, regardless of your qualities, thoughts, feelings, actions, states. Pure being is safe.


ScorpioScorpio: Jupiter in its own sign is a blessing – up to the moment when one starts to expect this blessing always and constantly. The latter could happen to you in February. Not even Jupiter can fulfil expectations that are not keeping in line with life; even its proverbial generosity is limited. Therefore, frustration is inevitable when humility and gratitude go missing. By the end of the month at the latest you will find yourself back at a healthy level, opening up again and having much more fun in life.


SagittariusSagittarius: You continue to command a lot of verve and power, and potentially also confidence and a positive attitude. However, in February you tend to escalate and often reach for the stars unnecessarily: the famous carrot in front of your nose blocks your view of the abundance that is already here now. It can also be very exhausting to constantly try convince others so that the world can finally improve. Instead of wiping yourself out on the shortcomings, rather enhance all that’s already good and right.


CapricornCapricorn: You don’t have to do anything special. Your clarity, your reliability, your readiness to accept responsibility opens people’s hearts. It does help however, if you look up from time to time at all that you are coping with and perceive the world around you. Because if you use every appreciation of others as a springboard to “deliver” something even better, you run the risk of losing heart contact with the world. And that would be a pity – for you and for the world!


AquariusAquarius: Pay attention to the many small aids you will now receive. They are the ones that make life really easier. It is important, especially in the first half of February, not to wait constantly for the big deal. Instead, remember your involvement with the bigger picture and trust that you will arrive exactly where your energy fits best. In the second half of the month your individuality is more in demand again. Play with your possibilities and find new ways to express yourself.


PiscesPisces: The key word in February is self-discipline. This ability creates orderliness in your head and enables you to act purposefully. You know exactly what’s going on and can be much more relaxed if you have but a vague idea about the circumstances and goals you’re aiming for. Obscure ideas may give you a sense of space, but because you can never be sure that you are sufficiently prepared, you are never really relaxed. At the end of the month you can simply flow with everything.


Sitara TNSitara became a disciple of Osho’s in 1979. She lives in Germany and has been writing the horoscopes of the German Osho Times since 1998. Passionate about astrology since childhood, she has published several books on the subject. She gives personal sessions, also over phone or Skype, focusing on spiritual development. Moreover, Sitara offers end-of-life care counselling (free of charge). She is currently teaching and writing about traditional advaita vedanta for Western seekers. www.astro-sitara.de

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