Then there was just looking…

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Premyog shows a selection of artwork created during the past three years: “While painting or creating objects, there is no thinking, no pondering, no judging, no hesitating, no pushing, no doubting.”

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T 61-1-s
U 33

Each painting has a preparation time like a pregnancy. Fragments for a new painting come to mind, and appear again and again like pieces of a puzzle. This goes on for days. At a certain point I start collecting the bits that I will need and then start painting.

When I am in the painting process, the time-place structure of the brain seems to be different, similar to meditation, where past, present and future are not existing. They appear to be just a stubbornly persisting illusion. It is a space of no-one-ness, in no-where-land. My total focus is of no-body.

While painting or creating objects, there is no thinking, no pondering, no judging, no hesitating, no pushing, no doubting. It is never work, it is never doing, and there is nobody doing. Just an emptiness and fulfilment, neuronal fireworks and stillness.

I often remember a dream I had, of meeting Osho in the woods where I grew up. We were both sitting on a bench. I asked him how it is, this, his mysterious state. He took my hand and pointed with the other hand to the landscape in front of us and said, “Just look.” And then there was just a looking…

For the paintings you see I have used acrylics, gesso, modelling pastes, pigments, various kinds of metals, glass, stones, sand, plants; on canvas.

PremyogPremyog (Erich Keller) grew up in Germany, studied Business Economics, and worked in this field for seven years without much enthusiasm. At age 30, after participating in a therapy workshop at the Sneha (formerly Purvodaya) commune in Bavaria, he closed his flat, took sannyas and went back to live there for the next five years. In Rajneeshpuram he was part of the RHT programme and later visited several times the Commune in Pune. Premyog now lives in Germany, close to Austria and Switzerland, and will soon give Counselling workshops at an institute in Switzerland.

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