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Kalyan Mitra Ageh Bharti* writes about the first public meeting to propose One Global Government, which was held in Mumbai on February 11, 2018.

Kalyan Mitra Ageh Bharti
Aaash Karan Atal, Manjula, Ageh Bharti, Om Shanti, Gyan Anadi
Beginning of rally
Rally 2
Rally 3
Ageh Bharti, Gyan Anadi
Asha Ram Chandran
R K Khanna, file photo

Before reporting about the most historic event in India that was organized by Swami Gyan Anadi at Kalyan, Mumbai, I would love to share two very wonderful occurrences related to this event.

First of all, Anadi had no intention or ideas to do what he then eventually set up, nor did he have enough funds for this event. But out of love for Osho he decided that even if he had to apply for a loan, he would do whatever I asked for this great cause, including the rally I wanted to bring out. What is surprising is that he spent a total of 78,000 rupees and during a collection among friends (most of them non-sannyasins) he received 78,000 rupees, so his expenditure became nil. Although he had to work hard to organise those days, his joy was boundless.

The other wonderful man is Swami Anand Vibhor from Jabalpur. I had reached Mumbai on February 10, 2018 in the morning and when he rang me up at night and informed me he would arrive only on the 11th in the afternoon, I told him it would be too late to come but he insisted. As the train was delayed, he arrived when we were bringing out the rally, which he immediately joined even if just for the last hour. Vibhor received garlands for his spirit and passion to have travelled 18 hours just for one hour of the program. I salute him.

In the first half of the proceedings in the morning, two meditations were facilitated by Ma Manjula, Ghatkopar, Mumbai and one of Osho’s discourses was played for 50 minutes. Total participation was 175 friends.

Then after lunch, I introduced the audience to our project for One Global Government:

What Osho had been alerting us about for fifty years, scientists are now saying the same. Peace and happiness for humanity is a far-away dream when it comes to existing governments and even appears an impossible state to achieve.

Today, in the face of various threats for a global suicide, it is of an utmost need to have One Global Government established as soon as possible. Today none of the vital problems humanity faces is the problem of one nation only; all our problems are now universal.

We are facing far-reaching climate changes which will have an effect on global agriculture, and the stock-piling of nuclear weapons by several nations has made life uncertain. It all raises also the big question, are we really civilized? We are obviously not yet capable to love each other and our life on Earth.

Nasa and many scientists are warning again and again that we are heading towards a global suicide. Renowned physicist Stephen Hawking says that man’s life on earth might last only for another one hundred years. And within six hundred years, Earth might turn into a ball of fire.

In the face of the many challenging threats, it is the sacred responsibility of all nations to join hands and declare the need and establishment for One Global Government without further delay. We are already late. We should remember that if humanity gets destroyed, it shall be a great loss not only to us but to Existence as well.

If we can’t protect this beautiful planet and the life of humans, creatures and nature, how can we forgive ourselves? Let us let go of our prejudices, our claims of superiority in power, prestige, culture, religion, etc. Let us claim our superiority in loving the entire humanity. The earth is one except on the maps. We are one. Our needs, our pleasures and pains are one. Technology has made the whole world as one village. The earth, the sun, the wind all are one.

As I said, Osho alerted humanity about these dangers decades ago but due attention was not paid to him because of the prejudices, and unwillingness to change, of the so-called religions and nations. Now listen to the scientists of the world. They are saying the same Osho said much earlier and the research and findings are accepted globally.

It surprises me to see that there is no intelligentsia in the country to raise their voice as to how humanity can overcome the threatening calamities. So-called shankaracharyas and mahamandaleshwars and other religious leaders are busy involving themselves in senseless things. One stupid monk says Karna, a character in the Mahabharata was contradictory and another makes the argument that he was not! How does this matter to any human being alive today?

Another saint says that giving donations to sadhus and gurus is the only sacred thing! Wonderful! Politicians are spending their time and intelligence in pulling each other’s legs. I see that only Osho’s people can raise their voice today for the good of whole human race.

When we establish One Global Government, atom bombs will be diffused, the world will not need to spend 70 to 75% of the national budgets on defence. With the released wealth, we can tackle many universal problems at once and Earth can be turned into a paradise with a new era of love and brotherhood starting.

I have already launched a campaign in India demanding One Global Government, having coined the slogans:

“We want love, not wars.”

“We want hugs, not bombs!”

“Osho’s message for all, boundaries of nations must be dissolved.”

“We have but one call, One Global Government to look after all.”


After the speech, we brought out the rally onto roads and crossings of importance, shouting the aforesaid slogans while carrying a big banner, on which was written:

We demand ONE GLOBAL GOVERNMENT, Osho People, India

Chief Guest Ms Asha Ram Chandran (aka Ma Anand Versha), Deputy Director, Ministry of Defence, New Delhi, expressed herself warmly and thanked me very much for this initiative and promised to be an active participant in the campaign for such a sacred cause.

Poet and popular writer Aash Karan Atal said, “Science has turned the world into a village. Now having so many nations and going on fighting is simply stupid. This event inspired by Kalyan Mitra Ageh Bharti and organised by Swami Gyan Anadi is laudable. I am sure that soon the voice will reach the heads of nations and they will realize and turn to be one Government to protect life on earth and with this a new era of love begins on the planet.”

Filmmaker R K Khanna (aka Swami Prem Rakesh), director of the movie Mere Naina Sawan Bhadon (Once upon a time in Delhi) who is presently making a film on Osho, expressed his happiness and deep involvement with the campaign. He also said, “Only Kalyan Mitra Ageh Bharti can take such a great initiative in the face of various threats to the entire life on this planet.”

Swami Om Shanti from Jaipur has been running ‘Om Shanti Osho Library’ for years. He wanted the latest issue of the quarterly magazine Osho: Shunya ke paar (published out of Neemuch, M.P.) to be launched during the event and so it happened. He also had one of the best voices shouting the slogans – none of us could manage his pitch!

Finally Anadi, the lone organizer, became emotional while thanking all the participants and guests and speakers.

After the event, India TV, a local Mumbai Hindi channel, interviewed Ageh Bharti for about 30 minutes and the footage was broadcast region-wide in full on February 14 and 15 – for our Hindi speaking readers:

*) I like to be known now as Kalyan Mitra Ageh Bharti, which means one who wishes good for all.

Note by Osho News

Kalyan Mitra Ageh Bharti was invited by the ‘Society for Brotherhood and Peace’, Jabalpur, to speak in the evening of the ‘Global Peace Conference’ on February 25, 2018 in the Auditorium of the Home Science Girls Degree College. The function’s Chief Guest, Chairman and special guests were all senior advocates of the High Court, Jabalpur, as well as several reputed senior professors.

Ageh Bharti spoke to the audience along the same lines as during the talk in Mumbai. He further said that the whole atmosphere was pregnant to give birth to a New Man as suggested by Osho, the most prolific sage of this age.

“If we behave intelligently a New Man with no adjectives of caste, religion and no national boundaries can be born and the whole earth can be taken care of by One Global Government. If people don’t want to change, global suicide is certain. It’s the people’s choice.”

He firmly stated that it is his hope that people will realize the urgency and respond accordingly.

His talk was appreciated by all. In addition to the chair persons, also some students came forward to thank Kalyan Mitra Ageh Bharti, who was also awarded with a memento and a certificate of appreciation.

Ageh BhartiKalyan Mitra Ageh Bharti is a regular contributor

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