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Kaiyum presents one of the most successful platforms for information relevant to the World of Osho.


Mix a long-time sannyasin and lover of Osho with expertise in computer programming and a strong desire to document ‘the world of Osho’… and the Sannyas Wiki, brainchild of Sw Anand Rudra, was born towards the end of the last century.


A non-profit website and free of advertising, the Sannyas Wiki clearly provides a valuable service, considering the more than 60,000 hits per day, a number that continues to grow.

General worldwide interest in Osho, the multitude of university theses written that focus on or include his work, sannyasins who want to keep in touch… whatever, the Sannyas Wiki is the on-line encyclopedia for a broad range of information: a complete overview of Osho’s life, a growing number of publications of Osho’s discourses (the current catalogue details more than 3,800 titles in 29 languages), an immense collection of magazines, articles and books about Osho (search through 19 languages), including the flourishing offering of sannyasin (auto)biographies…

The Sannyas Wiki is the most complete compilation of resources for sannyasins and lovers of Osho.


As Sarlo says, “The site is a multiple orgasm for lovers of Osho’s music.” Organised into People, Albums, Tracks and Categories it is easy to access the wide range of music that has been created through the past 50 years. Many items are available as samples, many as full downloads.

Details of nearly one thousand albums of sannyas music are available.


The site includes a growing list of the films that have been made of and about Osho and the sannyas world. It’s up to date, as Wild Wild Country (2018) is already on the list!


The ‘Friends of Osho’ section is an attempt to bring together the vast numbers of sannyasins worldwide. An excellent way to ensure keeping in touch with those brothers and sisters of this magnificent family. If you’re not yet on the list, read here how to go about adding your name, photo and some details.


Soon a complete timeline of more than 6,000 events covering every day of Osho’s public life will be added to the wiki.

There will be in-depth details about each of these events which include all discourses, interviews, meetings and much more.

Support this valuable resource

As Rudra writes on the ‘about’ page:

“Sannyas Wiki is as much about you as it is about Osho. Go for it!”

The website has grown so much that it has become impossible for one person (Rudra) to look after it. It now needs the support of everyone who has made use of the site and wishes to see it continue to flourish. Your donation would clearly be welcome.

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