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A six-part video series selected from Osho’s talks compiled under ‘Priests & Politicians – The Mafia of the Soul’ on the Osho International YouTube channel.

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These last few days Osho International has released a six-part video series titled Osho: Priests & Politicians – The Mafia of the Soul, linked to the book of the same title by Osho. They write in their newsletter:

This is not intended as a rebuttal to the recent Netflix series, Wild Wild Country – which would require a documentary in itself – it is to simply give Osho the space to reach and to touch seekers and viewers directly. In these selected talks Osho speaks directly to the chaos taking place around him at that time and to the human issues – political, religious and spiritual – driving the events of the day.

Those events in the Oregon high desert were not only controversial for Oregon and the US, they were also shocking and life-changing for his disciples, many of whom came to Oregon to build a utopian city, a better society.

Anyone who has browsed the internet to search “Osho” cannot escape the mind-boggling list of crimes Sheela and her group committed, leading to the collapse of the commune and Osho’s deportation. Even a six-part documentary is not able to deal with all aspects involved – but after a first view of Wild Wild Country it is clear that important aspects are left out and some essential facts are clearly misrepresented.

Niren, who was Osho’s personal lawyer for many years, commented post release of the docuseries,

Certainly not the story I would have told. They de-emphasized Sheela’s fascist criminality, didn’t use all the material supported by facts that I gave them where the government admitted that it had no evidence that Osho was involved in any of Sheela’s crimes. US Attorney Charles Turner admitting, “We were using the criminal process to solve what was really a political problem.”

The real issue was stated in Governor Atiyah’s public admittance that he “wishes the Rajneesh followers would leave Oregon.”

And in the end, after the Community was destroyed, the Oregon Supreme Court found that the City did not violate land use laws,” the basic contention of those who opposed the creation of a city from day one. This then led to the residents of Rajneeshpuram becoming involved in the city of Antelope in the first place, the basic cause of the confrontations that followed!

These original talks are each more than two hours long – so they have been split into shorter sections.

Link to whole series: Priests & Politicians – The Mafia of the Soul

From a newsletter sent out by Osho International

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