Shyam Bharti


(21 January 1938 – 1 March 2018)

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Osho Gangadham

Rajesh Bharti, his son, writes:

Swami Shyam Bharti (aka Shyamji) was born in Pakistan and later moved to Rajasthan, India. He came in contact with Osho in the late sixties and took sannyas in 1978. He used to attend the meditation camps in Mount Abu and bring back home the cassettes of the audio discourses. I still remember listening to those tapes – that was my introduction to Osho.

Shyam had a flourishing cloth business but managed his business in such a nice way that he had plenty of time for himself and also for Osho’s work, like organising meditation camps in Jodhpur, Rajasthan. Friends who attended his camps have been sharing stories of his love and care he gave to everyone.

I learnt a lot from my father about how to balance my life in business and the sannyas world. He had a unique way of doing business with people with his straightforwardness, honesty, trust and unconditional love.

He spent most of his life in Rajasthan but frequently visited the Osho commune in Pune and worked there sometimes.

In the last few years he developed an ulcer in his mouth which did not heal inspite of all treatments.

After he left his body, I have been hearing so many touching stories about the way he shared his love and joy with everyone around him. I met many families and was amazed to hear how he was deeply connected to each member of their family. This brings up so much gratitude in me towards Shyamji and Osho.

My beloved father, thank you so much for giving all your love and bringing Osho into my life!

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I remember meeting Shyam on a spontaneous visit to Osho Gangadham a mere few years ago while staying in Rishikesh. What are the odds? As we chatted along, he told us of his time when he visited the commune in Pune and that one of the things he enjoyed doing there was making chai. A pleasant afternoon in beautiful surroundings – a moment in time. Farewell, Shyam!

I miss this lovely and lively man!
I have met him shortly on different occasions in Pune. He was like a breeze that passes by you and yet does not take your attention.
I trust, he must have been carrying the same essence in his dealing with people in business also.
A sweet boy, indeed!?
Santosh (Sukanya)

Shyam ji was a very helpful and generous individual. I can’t remember the year, but once when I had some trouble in getting proper accommodation in Pune to stay for few months, and it was he who came forward to offer me his apartment. He had an apartment nearby our Ashram, which he kept for his use. Whenever he visited Pune he stayed there, otherwise kept it closed. He offered me that apartment at a time when I needed such help the most. When after few months while leaving I wanted to pay him some amount, he looked at me with such astonished eyes as if I was doing some very unusual and indecent thing!!! He didn’t accept any money for the apartment even though I told him that I had been consuming electricity and water, so he must take some amount. But he said, “It does not matter,” and refused to accept anything.
Kalyan Mitra Ageh Bharti

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