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We publish Arhat’s artwork in our Gallery on the occasion of his departure on 9th April 2018.

010 Osho by Arhat 7
020 Portrait of Osho by Arhat 4
030 Osho by Arhat 8
040 Portrait of Osho by Arhat 5
050 Portrait of Osho by Arhat 3
060 Osho by Arhat 6
070 Portrait of Osho by Arhat 6
080 Portrait of Osho by Arhat 1
090 Osho by Arhat 4
100 Portrait of Osho by Arhat 2
110 Osho by Arhat 5

Osho News discovered Arhat’s artwork only while preparing for his tribute page. Here are a few comments by his friends about his artwork and design skills.


Asang: I can’t forget the great designer Arhat. He was Osho’s most favorite designer.

In Pune 1, Osho spoke alternatively in Hindi and English. And the book cover design was always a matter of prestige, both for the Hindi and the English book department. Laxmi always used to play with the designers from both languages, putting both departments against each other! The English department consisted of a team of 30-40 artists and Arhat was alone in the Hindi department!

Arhat’s work was excellent. Osho liked each book cover design he made. Books, as we all know, were Osho’s favourite anchor in the world.

His designs were simply unique, masterpieces! Whatever he designed was appreciated by everyone. His best, I feel, was the old Geeta Darshan for which he designed a chariot with horses and merged Krishna with Osho. It was excellent! Other great artworks were for the Mahageeta, many Sannyas Magazines, as well as a Calendar of Osho’s portraits where he is wearing a hat.


Keerti: I adored Arhat who designed so aesthetically the first editions of Osho’s books in Mumbai and later on in Pune. Osho loved his designs and blessed him. He was a blessed one indeed! Those books are a wonderful treasure.


Pragya: Arhat won first place of a design award for the beautiful Sannyas Magazine.


Drawing of Osho by Arhat 1
Drawing of Osho by Arhat 1a
Drawing of Osho by Arhat 2
Drawing of Osho by Arhat 3
Drawing of Osho by Arhat 4
Drawing of Osho by Arhat 5
Drawing of Osho by Arhat 6
Drawing of Osho by Arhat 7


Ageh Bharti: Arhat designed the cover page of the Sannyas Magazine in English and also worked on the Osho Hindi books. He designed the cover pages, layout and inside settings of all Hindi books as well as magazines.

He had respect for Osho and his ashram, always. His contribution to Osho’s work is highly commendable and he deserves love and respect.


ArhatAnand Arhat (aka Vinod Sharma) met Osho in the very early days. He studied at the J.J. School of Arts and came to Osho’s ashram in Pune where he worked 4-5 years as a graphic designer for Osho’s books and magazines. He lived in Rishikesh until he left his body on 9th April 2018. See his tribute page on Osho News.

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