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On Pratiksha Apurv’s painting career. Published in Delhi Diary, May 16-31, 2018.


Pratiksha Apurv is a well-known contemporary Indian painter based in New Delhi. Born into the family of world-renowned spiritual master Osho, Pratiksha created her own niche in contemporary Indian art within a short span of time.

Delhi Diary ArticleIn 2016, Pratiksha won the National Award by Lalit Kala Akademi for her painting titled ‘Cosmic Balance’. In a historically unprecedented occasion in the arena of Indian art, Pratiksha’s Mystical Moments – a series of paintings – was inaugurated at Rashtrapati Bhagwan Museum by PM Narendra Modi on 25th of July, 2016, who said, “When I met Pratiksha, just out of curiosity, I asked her whether she has had any education or training in painting. Pratiksha told me, she never had any formal training. It was her inner journey which steered her into the world of creativity. Pratiksha not only created these paintings, but also put life in her canvas through her Sadhna. Her artworks are [an] amalgamation of knowledge, creativity, faith and Sanskar, and I am sure people will learn and enjoy the message.”

In March 2012, about thirty-four of her paintings from her collection were selected by ICCR, under the Ministry of External Affairs, Govt. of India, for their magazine, ‘Indian Horizon’ – a special edition that centered on the message of Vedanta and Swami Vivekananda.

Pratiksha’s efforts seem to present a comprehensive document of experiential spiritual painting. Moments of meditation and deep experience of silence can be felt through the body of her work on canvas, depicted through vibrant colours, designs, lines and strokes that reflect a unique relationship between its creator and her canvas. According to her, it is important to be in harmony with both the inner and the outer world. Material and spiritual worlds can be bridged through meditation, and this has always been the vision of Osho.

Her decision to bid adieu to a successful career in fashion designing, and to embark on an inner journey, to eventually present it on canvas is indeed a rare and unique achievement for a woman in today’s world.

PratikshaPratiksha Apurv – www.pratikshaart.com

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