Meera Art Exhibition – A display of beauty, elegance and depth


Svagito’s report, video and photo slide shows about the exhibition-cum-events held near Munich last weekend.

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A fantastic, creative and very inspiring weekend has just concluded. Almost a hundred paintings by our beloved Meera were displayed in an exhibition that took place in the small town of Diessen near Lake Ammersee, about 35 minutes by car from Munich. It was organised by Meera Art Foundation in collaboration with Tanzstudio Ammersee.

The original idea came from Chetan, Viramano, Jheel and me to celebrate Meera’s birthday with an event like this. Luckily Chetan knew a large exhibition hall in Diessen, called Das Blaue Haus. It belongs to the local community and is also equipped with a separate room that can be used for workshops and meditations. Together we created a three-day programme of various two-hour events focussed on art therapy, dance, painting and creativity, including daily meditations and live music. It would be a unique opportunity to show many of Meera’s paintings, including some huge ones that usually are difficult to be displayed.

We showed paintings that Meera created in India, Ibiza, Japan, Munich – during different periods of her life – highlighting her different styles and giving visitors a taste of her way of expressing joy, aliveness, silence, innocence and meditation. It was truly an uplifting experience to be in this huge hall and to dance and meditate while being surrounded by Meera’s paintings and energy.

A large team of volunteer helpers made sure everything was taken care of, from the very beginning during the set-up and then dissembling everything again on Monday. They drilled holes for hanging the heavy framed paintings, picked up rented lights, the sound system, put together the rented partition walls, cared for drinks and all the many details that are needed to create a large exhibition and workshop space out of nothing. I was very touched to feel the totality of everyone’s support and the dedication to make this a success.

000 setting-up-Meera-Art-Exhibition-1
010 setting-up-Meera-Art-Exhibition-2
020 setting-up-Meera-Art-Exhibition-4
030 setting-up-Meera-Art-Exhibition-3
040 setting-up-Meera-Art-Exhibition-6
050 setting-up-Meera-Art-Exhibition-5

On our first evening we showed a compilation video of Meera’s many DVDs, created by Hamido, who has filmed many of Meera’s trainings. On the second evening we had a party; with Chetan as DJ we danced amongst all these colourful pieces of art. Aditi contributed a small and beautiful dance performance and Meera’s assistants led us to do the Washoi dance, a Japanese dance that Meera used to perform with her team at the end of each training in Pune.

Workshops were held twice a day, led by Viramano, Chetan, Sahaja from Italy or myself.

On Sunday morning our musicians – Premgyan, Sangit, Satyananda and Dinraj – played live for a beautiful morning satsang meditation. Afterwards we had a brunch buffet created by the coffee shop next-door with organic food which we enjoyed outside in the garden. The sunny weather and the beautiful surrounding supported our three-day art celebration.

Visitors came from Munich and the surrounding area; many also from a dozen countries such as Ireland, England, France, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Turkey, Sweden, and including faraway places like Brazil and Malaysia.

Our friend Chandra from Turkey posted this on her Facebook page:

Wild Wild Bavaria! Yet another quiet town is being taken over by crazy singing, dancing, laughing sannyasins!

Many visitors were deeply touched when they entered the world of Meera, who for the most part of her life translated Osho’s message into colours and forms. Even people who did not know Meera or had never been in contact with meditation before were moved to tears seeing the display of beauty, elegance and depth of authentic expression.

I am immensely grateful to everybody who helped so selflessly to create this event and also to those who came to visit and join us in spreading the message of joy, love, silence and meditation. Meera would have loved it. Yahoo, let’s do it again!

010 Meera-Art-Exhibition-ammersee-2018-0
020 Meera Art Exhibition ammersee 2018 15
030 Meera-Art-Exhibition-ammersee-2018-8
040 Meera-Art-Exhibition-ammersee-2018-7
050 Meera-Art-Exhibition-ammersee-2018-12
060 Meera-Art-Exhibition-ammersee-2018-13
065 Meera-Art-Exhibition-ammersee-2018-11
070 Meera-Art-Exhibition-ammersee-2018-14
080 Meera-Art-Exhibition-ammersee-2018-9
090 Meera-Art-Exhibition-ammersee-2018-10
092 Meera-Art-Exhibition-ammersee-2018-5
100 Meera-Art-Exhibition-ammersee-2018-3
110 Meera-Art-Exhibition-ammersee-2018-4
210 Meera-Art-Exhibition-ammersee-2018-6
220 Meera-Art-Exhibition-ammersee-2018-2
230 Meera-Art-Exhibition-ammersee-2018-1

Svagito next to posterArticle by Svagito – updated June 10, 2018 with new video
Photos by Svagito and Dinraj

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