Bollywood director-producer Subhash Ghai at Osho Tapoban

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A one-day visit at the Osho commune in Nepal by Subhash Ghai, who will produce the biopic ‘Osho: The other side of the Ocean’.


Subhash Ghai, the famous director-producer who had announced his next production venture, ‘Osho: The other side of the Ocean’, during the Cannes Film Festival this year, visited and spent a day at Osho Tapoban.

Ghai, who has been an avid reader of Osho for the last 30 years, seemed to be greatly impressed by the ashram’s publications displayed at the Welcome Centre. As as soon as he entered he took no time in picking a few books by Osho, including Tapoban’s centenary publication, ‘Art of Enlightenment’.

“I was introduced to Osho by the famous actor Vinod Khanna and by the director Vijay Anand 40 years ago, in 1978. And since then Osho has never left me. I make sure to listen to him for 30-45 minutes daily. That’s why I have used many of his lines in my films,” said the veteran filmmaker. “The blockbuster ‘3 Idiots’ has 63 dialogues from Osho’s books,” he exclaimed.

Stating Osho’s influence in every field, he said that in the coming years Osho will be studied in every university and his books will be read in schools and colleges.

After taking the tour of the ashram and seeing the well-appointed accommodation facilities, the filmmaker said that on his next visit he would love to stay in the ashram amongst the sannyasins. The ‘Taal’ director was emotional at Osho’s Samadhi where he was seen in a prayerful gesture and in meditation.

Speaking to an audience of sannyasins from different countries in Tapoban’s Meditation Hall, he said, “Osho was greatly misunderstood as is the fate of all geniuses ahead of their time. Today, policymakers, famous artists and filmmakers are all reading Osho, but they all hide it.

“My film will be in English and will have an international cast; only in that way can you make your story be noticed on a global level. It will focus on those facets of Osho’s life that have not been heard of or talked about. It will be ‘the other side of the ocean’,” he further added.

The film will be directed by Lakshen Sucameli, an Italian director who is also an Osho sannyasin.

When asked about his experience at Tapoban, Subhash Ghai said, “Swami Anand Arun’s dedication and love for his master can be felt here. Tapoban is a place where you can seek the truth beyond the truth. I will definitely come back to this beautiful ashram of Osho and stay.”

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