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Love Osho's Podcasts

Swaram started interviewing sannyasins and publishing the podcasts on his website. The first 6 interviews are with Radha, Rashid, Veena, Krishna Prem, Subhuti and Milarepa.

If you are connected via Facebook or are on the mailing list of the Love Osho newsletter, you must have already heard about Swaram’s podcasts. They have received much acclaim from listeners as well as from the guests on the show.

But why podcasts?

“For the past couple of years, I have been listening to podcasts about health, nutrition and wellbeing. And I really loved it. A podcast is an audio interview with experts on a particular topic. It’s a wonderful and enjoyable opportunity to learn in a way that fits our busy lives. You can listen to a podcast whilst cooking, going to work, when in public transport or stuck in traffic,” writes Swaram.

“So I thought, ‘Wouldn’t it be amazing to listen to a podcast about Osho?’ At that moment, Love Osho Podcast was born. My aim is to show Osho’s contribution to the development of human consciousness via the testimony of those who have lived with him and imbibed his message and energy. The idea is to show Osho’s work on real people and how their lives have been positively transformed.

“For now, the focus is on capturing stories of those who met Osho in the body. Eventually Love Osho Podcast will open up and give space to all Osho lovers and beyond, including health and meditation experts of various traditions. I look forward to talking to as many people as possible,” he concludes.

If you have any suggestions feel free to contact Swaram via his contact page.

Here the first six podcasts (the links will take you directly to the page on Love Osho where you can listen to the interview):

RadhaEpisode 1 – How to use sexual energy for a happier and healthier life – May 1, 2018

Radha is a world-leading expert in Tantra and meditation. Radha has learnt Tantra and Meditation directly from Osho and has been teaching for 25 years. We’ll discuss the role of sex in health and wellbeing, how to live a natural sexuality, and how to consciously use sexual energy. More…

RashidEpisode 2 – Leaving privileges to find real wealth in art and meditation – May 8, 2018

Rashid was “groomed to rule the empire”, but decided to break those ties to pursue his aspirations, and become an artist. Rashid fell in love with Osho and was one of the pioneers in the Osho movement. We’ll talk about how to jump from the ruling British elite to the feet of Osho. More…

VeenaEpisode 3 – Zen and the art of making Osho’s hats – May 15, 2018

Do you like Osho’s robes and hats? Sewing Osho’s garments was Veena’s Zen training with Osho. Veena sees Osho as a Zen Master and she researched deeply the link between Osho and Bodhidharma, discovering the meaning of Osho’s famous and mysterious expression ‘10.000 Buddhas’. More…

Krishna PremEpisode 4 – Life is a cosmic joke! – May 22, 2018

Osho is possibly the best comedian of our time. And if you enjoy Osho’s jokes thank KP for that. Krishna Prem – aka KP – arrived to Osho in 1973 and opened the first Osho meditation centre in California. KP still lives in Pune today and is a master of how to be playful and live a non-serious life. More…

ShubutiEpisode 5 – How to handle the press office of the most controversial man in history – May 29, 2018

Subhuti is a former UK political reporter who worked in the British Houses of Parliament and subsequently met with India Prime Minister Indira Gandhi and USA President Ronald Reagan in the White House. More…

MilarepaEpisode 6 – How to be a non-religious devotee – June 5, 2018

The most sought-after musician in the world of Osho explains how Osho people are intelligent individuals who are attracted to Osho not because they are looking for a new “church”. How do rebellious spirits fall in love with the Master? More…

loveosho.com/podcast – more contributions by Swaram on Osho News.

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