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An exhibition in Berne, Switzerland, by Chandra, Veeno and David Thorner – open till June 29, 2018.

Three long floors in the Federal Palace’s Media Centre (Medienzentrum des Bundeshauses) are currently enriched by FineArt prints by Veeno, Chandra and their dear friend, David Thorner.

Die Reise von Licht - Light's Journey
Mit Licht Durchwoben - Woven with Light
Ewig - Eternal
Erinnerungen eines Kindes - Child's Memories
Da Sein - Being Here
Nirgendswohin unterwegs - On the Road to Nowhere
Oeffnender Kreis - Circle Opening up
Morgenlandfahrt - Journey to the East
Willkommen im Universum - Welcome in the Universe

Veeno’s Contemporary Mandalas are images of energy, designed for the 21st century. To her, the circle with its center is a perfect place to represent energy on the material plane, mirroring the existential reality of daily life with its joys, turmoil, fun, and its wholeness. Each of Veeno’s creations is an outpour of her passionate and lighthearted quest into being human and divine. Her driving force behind each mandala is to give a face to something impossible: the mystery of life.

Böcklin in Titterten
Gold vom Bölchen - Gold seen from Bölchen
Berner Alpen - Bernese Alps
Wolkenpalast - Cloud Palace

In landscapes, Chandra looks for situations that touch him visually and emotionally. His wonder in moments, when different forces of nature play together and compose powerful visual surprises, can be experience in his art. Take a closer look! Dive deep into the appearance of the images and discover the beauty of the world mysteriously transformed by the play of light, clouds or fog and recognize emotional memories hidden deep inside of you.

Hinten heller
Schwarz mit weissen Linien

David Thorner’s Digital Art is an eruption of creativity. They are full of expressive color combinations, light and shadow, structure and rhythm. His love to music finds an equal visual expression in his works.

The visual sensitivity, the Ah!, the life-affirming sense of wonder is the essence of this exhibition where these three friends meet.

The exhibition is open until June 29. Veeno, Chandra and David would be delighted to welcome Osho lovers! You find more info about the exhibition at

ChandraChandra (Rolf Mäder) became a sannyasin in Rajneeshpuram in 1983. In Pune, he played the French horn for Osho and gave choir singing workshops at the Osho Multiversity. From 1999 till 2014, he lived in Sedona, Arizona as a student of the Osho Academy. Back in Switzerland, his creative projects reach from FineArt photography to musical projects. Currently his vocal group DolceFarCanto takes a new approach to Renaissance Music.

David ThornerDavid Thorner was born and grew up in Rome. He was deeply inspired by the imagery of his father, the painter and sculptor Hans Thorner. Since 2010, his works are mostly digital. He also teaches classical singing. In close cooperation with his wife, Prof. Jane Thorner, he has been offering international workshops for decades.

VeenoShanti Veeno (Regula Maeder) grew up in Switzerland where she worked for 20 years as a psychotherapist. Her search brought her to Osho where she also fell in love with mandalas. Veeno lived and worked for 15 years at the Osho Academy in Sedona, Arizona. She returned to Switzerland in 2014, where she works as a Transformative Coach, the mandalas lending a powerful hand in showing people their way home.

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