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A fortnight ago we introduced Swaram’s podcasts. Here are the next three interviews: Sudas on centres, Leela on Osho Mystic Rose and Dwabha on her children’s home in Rishikesh.

Swaram wrote: “At Love Osho we have always loved chatting to sannyasins and hear their stories with Osho. Now we want to make this incredibly valuable content available to a larger audience. Love Osho Podcast is a way to honour and preserve the voice of those wonderful people who recognised Osho and had the courage to leave everything to be with him. And at the same time it’s a way to pass on Osho’s message via the medium of modern technology. It’s time for people to open their eyes and see Osho. We feel strongly to speak up and counteract the triviality perpetrated by the media, even today.”

SudasEpisode 7 – How to successfully run a meditation centre with little resources
June 12, 2018

Arrived at Osho Risk as a chef without knowing how to cook, Sudas ended up becoming the co-director and administrator of one of the most successful meditation centres in Europe. More…

LeelaEpisode 8 – The secrets of Mystic Rose revealed
June 19, 2018

Hear the story behind the most powerful meditative therapy ever created, how it came about and how it was donated to Leela by Osho. More…

DwabhaEpisode 9 – How to save children’s lives and heal through love
June 26, 2018

From Hollywood to Osho to a cave in Rishikesh, now saving children’s lives. This is the extraordinary story of a remarkable woman whose first meeting with Osho changed her life forever. More… – more contributions by Swaram on Osho News.

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