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Swaram’s podcasts continue: interviews with Bhagawati and (separately) with Punya on Osho’s media coverage, his meditations and the music, how they came to Osho and, of course, about Osho News online magazine.

BhagawatiHow to deal with Osho’s bad Media coverage – July 3, 2018

Why Osho was (and still is) so misunderstood? Was there any case of positive media report on Osho? What did Osho say about the media? Bhagawati has been involved in Media and PR throughout her life with Osho and here she shares her point of view. Go to podcast on Love Osho website…

PunyaHow Osho devised Dynamic and Kundalini – July 10, 2018

Have you ever wondered how Osho devised Dynamic and Kundalini meditations? Punya is a long-term Osho’s disciple and attended meditation retreats conducted directly by Osho where he was experimenting his meditation techniques before compiling them in the final format we know today. Punya also explains why not to change the meditation music wanted by Osho. Go to podcast on Love Osho website… – more contributions by Swaram on Osho News

Swaram’s podcasts on Osho News: Love Osho’s Podcasts

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