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Review by Jay Schlechter of Anand Ragini’s (aka Ragini Michaels) new book.

The Jewels of Here and NowThe Jewels Of Here And Now: Awe, Reverence, And Ever Deepening Gratitude offers beautiful reminders of the human condition and how to remember that we are divine. These poems from Ragini Michaels, emerging marketplace mystic and seasoned life coach, transform the ordinary experiences of daily life into a sparkling burst of divine beauty. There is wisdom here, as well as comfort and insight.

We don’t have to let go of our attachment to all the things that get in our way of remembering that we are transcendent spiritual beings. The poems do that for us. The book and its many lovely color photographs delight the eye as well as the ear. If you love seeing the Divine pop up in daily life, you’ll enjoy!

Review by Jay Schlechter, PhD, author of Intimate Friends: An Antidote to Loneliness and Chasing Bliss

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When my eye catches a bird

Ragini (Elizabeth Michaels)Anand Ragini (aka Ragini Michaels) took sannyas in 1977. She is an acclaimed international trainer of NLP and Hypnosis, as well as the originator of the Facticity 6-Step Process and Paradox Management. She also offers on-line trainings available at her website. Her other books are ‘Facticity® – A Door to Mental Health and Beyond’, ‘Lions In Wait – A Road to Personal Courage’ and ‘Unflappable‘.


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