Experiences of an Osho disciple: ‘On The Edge’


Chaitanya Keerti and Kul Bhushan report on the launch of Punya’s book, held during the Guru Purnima Celebration at Osho Dham in Delhi.

Osho Dham book launch of On the Edge

On The Edge: Living with an Enlightened Master by Yoga Punya
Divyansh Publications – price Rs. 599.00
Update Feb. 2023: Indian edition (with photo pages) currently unavailable
International edition available in India: Amazon.in
Outside India (paperback and Kindle) see links on punya.eu

On Guru Purnima day (27th July), with hundreds of Osho’s disciples assembled to celebrate their love for the Master, a unique event took place at Osho Dham, New Delhi, which enhanced the celebration.

A recent book written by Osho’s long-time disciple, Ma Yoga Punya, was launched during a special session conducted by Swami Atul Anand and released by Ma Dharm Jyoti, Swami Anand Kul Bhushan and Swami Chaitanya Keerti, all of them long-time Osho disciples from India.

Originally published worldwide, the first Indian edition has been published by Divyansh Publications.

Introducing the book and its author, Atul talked about the real transformation of a disciple in the presence of the Master and living in his commune; the various tasks Punya performed matured her into a devoted disciple. Punya’s life story is very inspiring indeed.

“Now that many books are being authored by old-time sannyasins documenting their long experiences of their transformation with the Master, I request everyone present here also to document and share their experiences and how Osho has transformed their lives. We will publish these writings in Osho World monthly magazine,” he said.

Atul invited Jyoti, Keerti and Kul Bhushan to share some of their experiences and insights of their spiritual journeys.

Recalling her initiation into sannyas among the very first batch, Jyoti said it was a major jump into the unknown as the new disciples had to wear their mala outside their orange garments. This posed some formidable challenges in interacting in the course of normal working life.

Sharing vignettes about his work with Osho’s books and magazines Keerti said he has mostly been involved in the publishing of Hindi books and magazines since he came to Osho in 1971. He acted as the spokesperson for Osho in Pune 2 days. He appreciated Punya’s meticulous efforts of researching the chronicle of events around Osho from the early days in the context of her own personal experience.

Having come to Osho in 1974, the same year as Punya, Kul Bhushan said it was the beginning of the MAD (Master and Disciple) game. This game poses continuous challenges for the disciple as recorded in Punya’s book. Kul Bhushan recalled the words of Osho that he takes you to the edge and pushes you into the abyss. In this book, Punya tells us how a disciple is always standing on the edge as depicted on the cover.

Text by Keerti and Kul Bhushan – photo by Samarpan

Video of presentation (in Hindi) – removed as no longer available (27.6.2021)

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