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Swaram’s interviews with: Osho’s world ambassador, Lani, musician Miten and Nirvano, the German translator of Osho’s books.

LaniEpisode 12 – How to make Osho available today – July 17, 2018

Lani is beaming with energy from every pore of her being. At her first meeting with Osho, she was appointed as his “world ambassador”. She was then sent all over the world to share Osho’s energy with these words: “Wherever your suitcase is, my embassy will be there.” Listen to the podcast…

Deva Premal and MitenEpisode 13 – Music as Osho’s vehicle – July 24, 2018

From sex, drug and rock ‘n roll, to composing devotional songs for Osho. After meeting Osho, Miten’s music has become a vehicle to channel Osho’s message and bring together Osho’s sangha everywhere and anytime. With his beloved Deva Premal, they are pioneers of mantra singing, paving the way to a new musical genre which has now become mainstream. Listen to the podcast…

NirvanoEpisode 14 – The impossible task of translating Osho’s books – July 31, 2018

Translating the words of an Enlightened Master like Osho is a complex and challenging art and science. Nirvano was a professor of German and English languages. Here he shares his recipe for creating spiritual thirst through making Osho’s words available in German language. Listen to the podcast…

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