Searching for the Light


On a recent visit to Manhattan, New York, Sudheer captured black and white impression of new buildings.

010 Sudheer DSC08065
015 Sudheer IMG_0749
020 Sudheer DSC00319
025 Sudheer DSC09074
040 Sudheer DSC09068
050 Sudheer DSC09048
070 Sudheer
080 Sudheer DSC09047
090 Sudheer DSC09071
100 Sudheer DSC09159
110 Sudheer DSC09169
120 Sudheer DSC09170
130 Sudheer IMG_3021
140 Sudheer IMG_0169
150 Sudheer DSC09197
160 Sudheer IMG_2956
170 Sudheer IMG_2894
175 Sudheer IMG_0167
180 Sudheer DSC08063
190 Sudheer DSC09117

I lived in Manhattan for about 15 years back in the late 60’s and 70’s. Since then I have returned many times. And every time I am there I am always amazed at the new buildings that seem to sprout up like weeds. For many years the architecture was not particularly exciting. To me Chicago was the city in America for exciting and innovative architecture. Well, that has changed, and very dramatically.

On a recent trip a few weeks ago my head was constantly looking up. There is a building boom in New York unlike any I have seen before. The creativity and brashness is so exciting. I have tried to capture some of this in the series of black and white photographs I call ‘Searching for the Light’.

SudheerA teacher taught Sudheer an invaluable lesson: “Good photography is all about seeing, not about the equipment.” This unique approach landed him a one-man show at New York’s prestigious, The Light Gallery, and an invitation to be the first photographer ever to exhibit at Tiffany’s. Over the years, Sudheer continues to show his work and it can be seen in many corporate collections. He recently lived in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico; a world-famous artist colony. While living there he published Dreaming in Color: a Photographer’s Love Affair with Mexico. He now lives in Marin where he continues to explore with his camera.

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