Horoscope September 2018


In addition to Mars moving forward again, the wonderful Jupiter-Pluto sextile that has accompanied us throughout the year and ensured that we have not lost courage even in the most difficult situations, unfolds its effectiveness especially in the spiritual realm, states Sitara.


Virgo + Libra

Sun 9° Virgo – 8° Libra
Moon 12° Taurus – 20° Gemini
Mercury 22° Leo – 15° Libra
Venus 24° Libra – 10° Scorpio
Mars 29° Capricorn – 6° Aquarius
Jupiter 17° – 22° Scorpio
Saturn retrograde, direct from 5th 3° Capricorn
Chiron retrograde 1° Aries – 30° Pisces
Uranus retrograde 2° – 1° Taurus
Neptune retrograde 15° – 14° Pisces
Pluto retrograde 19° Capricorn
North Node 5° – 2° Leo
Lilith 3° – 6° Aquarius
New Moon, 9th 18:03 h GMT 17° Virgo
Full Moon, 25th 2:54 h GMT 2° Aries


Mood of the Moment

Three major astrological factors come into play in September.

Since the end of August, Mars is again moving in forward gear, which means that processes, which have been merely plodding along since June, are finally gaining momentum. Now it is becoming increasingly easier to take powerful steps and set innovative movements in motion. The second factor is the wonderful Jupiter-Pluto sextile that has accompanied us throughout the year and ensured that we have not lost courage even in the most difficult situations. This constellation unfolds its effectiveness especially in the spiritual realm and helps to remember again and again the deepest resources one knows about – no matter whether it is forces within oneself or forces outside.

The third factor particularly affects the area of relationships and is only just beginning to emerge. Venus now moves through zodiacal degrees for two more rounds until the end of the year – an indication that in matters of the heart processes are beginning that will continue to develop. Relationships of all kinds need a lot of attention in the coming months. It is particularly important not to cause a lot of bother if it is not absolutely necessary. Now it may seem that radical breaks or upheavals are needed, and the tension can result in having to put up with the hurts of others which won’t heal so easily again later on. Especially on the Aries Full Moon, restraint is appropriate.


AriesAries: For some reason or other, most people aspire to perfection, although everyone knows that it is unattainable. Acknowledging one’s own imperfection is not so easy. In this month you can give yourself the freedom to admit your weaknesses without playing them down or belittling yourself. This opens up possibilities you didn’t expect. In fact, you gain in trustworthiness by showing your humanity. Mr. or Mrs. Perfect – no one’s buying that anyway.


TaurusTaurus: Now it’s about your independence, which you want to maintain or need to. It begins with independence from external circumstances or people. This is already a challenging task, because the tendency to stick to the familiar is powerful, as it seems to give us security. Even more challenging is independence from one’s own thoughts and feelings. Through meditation you acquire the ability to let thoughts and feelings come and go instead of identifying with them in the usual fashion.


GeminiGemini: In the first half of the month everything runs smoothly, unless you try to push your issues through forcefully. But anyway, that’s not like you. In mid-September, you may lack meticulousness, which is quite important at the moment. As soon as you realize you’re floundering, shift into another gear and focus. In the last third of the month, your sociability is in demand. This time, however, it is not a question of exploring the diversity of the involved parties, but of bringing them into harmony with each other.


CancerCancer: Now it’s time for some clean-up and sorting work. That can take place on the material level, in the emotional or in the mental area. It is about taking stock and finding a good and new orientation. You are probably wavering between the desire to leave everything as it is and the urge to make a powerful move towards something new. Why don’t you do it now? You have the energy, the courage and the drive. By the end of the month the drive might be stronger, but the conditions are less favourable.


LeoLeo: During the first half of the month you succeed in managing quite a lot as long as you don’t reach for the stars. If you stick to the facts, many situations arise now, in which you can establish your self-confidence and enormous creative power wonderfully. The last third of the month brings more challenges. For a start, it is important to recognise that boundaries belong to human existence. In fact, they often also provide security. But you should take them into account right from the start.


VirgoVirgo: It’s important that you don’t let anything rattle you. You have to expect a sort of ‘uncertainty principle’ now. In the first half of the month, don’t be hypersensitive but have the nerve to simply start and trust in having the strength to carry out your activities. In the second half of the month, you quickly get on the defensive because others appear smarter, surer and more dynamic. They are just as imperfect as you are, but give it less importance.


LibraLibra: The energy that drives you during the first half of the month is different from your obliging Libra attitude: you can stand up powerfully to yourself, make fewer compromises and are more independent. Enjoy this inner freedom and take some of it with you into the second half of the month, where the Libra energy is enforced again. It’s best to practice expressing yourself unequivocally in front of a mirror. In the course of it you have to accept that some people don’t like this transformation. But they will survive!


ScorpioScorpio: At the beginning of September, clarification continues to be called for. In the course of the month it will become increasingly easier to bring your ideas into a form that meets your requirements. After all, lazy compromises have never been your cup of tea. Nevertheless, the high art of meeting others generously, courteously and with clarity, is now succeeding. You open yourself up and leave others the way they are. In the second half of the month you will therefore receive even more support and feel overall more comfortable in your skin.


SagittariusSagittarius: This month, you’ve got a full tail wind for everything you wish for. There’s only one thing that can get in your way. Fortunately, this is a topic you are familiar with, and you have dealt with it many times before: your tendency to grandiosity. In life, and now too, it is often the policy of small steps that makes a breakthrough possible. So if something doesn’t work, stop and ask yourself: Was I playing poker too high, have I not looked closely enough or did I just expect too much?


CapricornCapricorn: Great relief – developments are finally picking up speed again. But that means you are again between the lines. Especially in the last third of the month, your stamina is in demand, coupled with diplomatic skills and enthusiasm. It’s not an easy mixture you’re being asked for. What helps? Interestingly it is humility. And how do you get that? Understand that you are ultimately involved in something greater and can only give your best. Everything else is out of your hands.


AquariusAquarius: Now the new direction is gradually becoming clearer. First of all, it is about mental clarification. Also, make sure you know other people who back you up. If this is not the case, it is better to first invest energy into your relationships. People are often more complicated than your logically operating mind deems necessary – and it is right. But unfortunately, that doesn’t change this fact. Hence analyse exactly what to expect and act accordingly. At the end of the month get cracking!


PiscesPisces: The Virgo period in Pisces often reinforces the (unnerving) feeling that one has to constantly take care of insignificant little things. What is the best way to deal with it? When you attribute a deeper or higher meaning to small things, the particulars lose ground; the bigger things you become active for shift to the foreground: for example, “to train my practical skills” or “to serve” or “to find creative solutions” or “to take my likes and dislikes less seriously.”


SitaraSitara became a disciple of Osho’s in 1979. She lives in Germany and has been writing the horoscopes of the German Osho Times since 1998. Passionate about astrology since childhood, she has published several books on the subject. She gives personal sessions, also over phone or Skype, focusing on spiritual development. Moreover, Sitara offers end-of-life care counselling (free of charge). She is currently teaching and writing about traditional advaita vedanta for Western seekers. www.astro-sitara.de

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