Talking about sex to my Punjabi mom

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Sex still being a touchy and often even taboo subject in many cultures and religions to this day, a mother and daughter from the Punjab have the courage to ask each other various questions about it. Published on BBC on August 31, 2018.

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Daughter: Why didn’t you want me to be with a black, Muslim or white boy? And be honest, what if I told you I had been?

Mother: It wouldn’t bother me that you’d been out with them but having a relationship is a bit different because our religion is different, and our background does not allow.

In the BBC Stories series, One Culture Two Generations, reporters have been talking to British families and exploring the differences between first and second generation immigrants. Each episode will delve into the cultural nuances that shape their relationships.

In this episode we meet a Punjabi mother who has never spoken to her daughter about sex.

Video Journalist: Ashni Lakhani
Video Journalist: Sara Al Wajih
Edited By: Elise Wicker
Series Director: Cebo Luthuli
Executive Producer: Ravin Sampat

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