Men are the weaker sex today


Grahi takes a look at who is really stronger – man or woman.

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Thirty three years ago Osho said that men are the weaker sex. Since then our society, our economy, our government and our media have conspired to amplify these weaknesses.

There’s no question that men on average are taller than women, that they have a greater muscle bulk than women, and that they have different traits to women. For example, men are better able to focus on a problem than women are, and they rate much lower on the psychological trait of agreeableness – plenty of research confirms this.

Through most of human evolution the different sexes gravitated to where the returns from their labour was the highest. Being stronger and more focused, men were nearly always the best hunters. As the bearers of children, the breast feeders and nurturers, the social connectors and minders, women tended to gather and prepare food and to do many of the tasks required at the camp or small village.

The problem is that most of the advantages that men had in previous millennia are no longer advantages today. Being taller and having more muscle no longer brings home the most food or money, unless you are a professional sportsperson. Much more important is how you get on with other people, your reputation, your appearance, your personality, how smart you are, your creativity and your ability to solve contemporary problems.

With connectivity being one of the keywords to describe modern society, women are better suited to financial and social success. In past centuries and even as recently as a decade ago, women were at an economic disadvantage compared to men (and they still are in many countries). However, in the USA, Australia, Western Europe and other free and advanced countries, women are out-competing men. Girls do better at school, more women enrol at universities, more women graduate from universities, women earn more than men in those professions in which women concentrate. On almost every measure, women have better physical, mental and spiritual health metrics than men. Women are healthier, longer-lived and happier than men are. Thousands of studies confirm these outcomes.

There is an intellectual dishonesty that runs underneath the women’s lib movement and the climate of political correctness that pervades our universities and governments. Single white males are no longer overpaid misogynists. Just the opposite – they are the ones being discriminated against. Boys are not encouraged to express their masculinity, and often don’t have a quality father male role model to follow.

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