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Love Osho’s Podcasts on work as meditation, conscious dying and teaching Osho how to drive.

ShazarEpisode 22 – Work as meditation – September 25, 2018

Falling in love with Osho was the trigger that changed Shazar’s life forever. She has leant work as meditation in the Osho Buddhafield and continues to be at service. Shazar helps farmers in Indian villages cope with the water crisis and making a difference in people’s lives. Go to podcast on Love Osho website…

VeetmanEpisode 23 – Conscious dying – October 2, 2018

Veetman’s first encounter with death left an indelible mark on his spiritual journey. He dedicated his life to the study and facilitation of conscious dying based on the ancient Bardo Tibetan tradition. Veetman has created modern meditations under the guidance of Osho to make the Tibetan’s wisdom available to modern people. Go to podcast on Love Osho website…

ChinEpisode 24 – Teaching Osho how to drive – October 9, 2018

From being a Samurai and guarding Osho’s safety, to escorting Osho when he left India, all the way to teaching Osho how to drive. Chin’s life with Osho is full of funny stories and unknown facts. Learn how Osho was a reckless driver, who (without having a driving licence) managed to get away from the patrol state police. Go to podcast on Love Osho website…

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