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We need to experience the energy of existence by opening our inner doors and stepping out, writes Pratiksha Apurv. Published in Speaking Tree on October 8, 2018.

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Cosmic Vibrancy
Cosmic Energy, Oil on canvas, 22 x 28″, 2005

While walking around Hallstatt, a small village in Upper Austria, the clear blue and white skyline, and the lush green trail leading to the mountains, remind me of the grace and grandeur of all that we call life. I stop by the lake in deep silence and feel the overflowing energy of existence, joyously enraptured in its own play, with no purpose and nowhere to go.

It’s a divine cosmic play, ever existing with no inherent purpose, other than its own playing. As the gentle sunlight and the soothing breeze caress my skin, and a group of white clouds glides by smiling at me, joyfully humming their beautiful song, I stand there captivated. I see and feel all these in the wonder-filled moments of silence and awe.

This vibrant but subtle energy of nature is present everywhere since eternity – be it the Alps or the Himalayas. However, not everyone gets to experience it. That is because either we are not yet ready, or we have closed our doors and windows, unable to embrace and meld into this beautiful, blissful cosmic energy.

Perhaps we are so engrossed in listening to the rumblings of our own mind that we are missing this beautiful energy that enwraps us. We end up missing the invitation to become like them – the breeze, the flora and fauna and the serene and beautiful skyline.

To allow this cosmic energy to flow within us, and for communion to happen, the inner doors will have to be opened. The Bhagwad Gita says: ‘Brahmarpanam brahma havir brahmagnau brahmana hutam, brahmaiva tena gantavyam brahma-karma-samadhina’. Through this shloka, Krishna explains in simple words that it is easy to see the signs of existence, the eternal Atman, Brahmn, by surrendering oneself to the ever present cosmic energy.

Yajna is God, Brahmn offering as oblation is God, and the sacred fire of yajna is also God. This whole existence is within God himself. Imagine a seeker sitting in meditation at dawn, and as the sun rises, he absorbs the sunrays, symbolising communion with the cosmos, with existence itself. For this communion to happen, we need to become one by giving up our thinking process and becoming a little more receptive.

After all, this cosmic energy can only be lived and experienced; one cannot think about it. The moment thinking disappears, the cage, our prison, is also gone. One simply flies into the very core of existence, the inner sanctum of one’s true self. It is only in such a state that one can communicate with nature – with birds, flowers, sunlight, and with all-round existence present everywhere.

This phenomenon is depicted in the painting ‘Cosmic Energy’. Meditation is the quality of our being and is as natural as breathing. Just as in our conversations, we talk about breathing air, similarly, by being totally absorbed in cosmic energy, we can breathe consciousness, and that is why our ancient scriptures say that everything present in the cosmos is in a state of meditativeness, including flowers and trees; in fact the whole of life is absorbed in deep meditation. We only need to open our inner doors and allow the waves of consciousness to enter this ocean of meditation.

It has also been beautifully described in Taittiriya Upanishad: ‘Pranam deva anu prananti, manushya pashvashchye, panam hi bhutanamayu, tasmatsarvayushmuchyate’ – ‘The gods live through prana and so do man and other beings. Prana truly is the life of all beings and is, therefore, also called cosmic life.’

According to Osho, once receptivity for cosmic energy arises, one realises there is no purpose to life and we exist as a play. He said: “To me, everything is just a play. Neither I am, nor is there any purpose, yet things are going on. So it can be asked, ‘Why are they going on?’ They are going on because there is no purpose to stop them, and there is no one to stop them. It is in their nature to go, move, play, and overflow. It is the very nature of cosmic energy to exist, to be conscious of this existence, and to play with itself.”

One has to move into the cosmos through meditation and stop thinking where it leads. Existence is waiting with millions of doors open for us, but we are standing outside, merely thinking or interpreting this play of cosmic energy. One has to experience this energy of existence by opening our inner doors and stepping out. One has to dive deep into it to ensure that there is no coming back of the old self. A kind of harmony is then born between the seeker and the cosmos.

Since there is no mind and no thoughts, ego also disappears. Once the ego is gone, one is in a deep state of surrender, a quality that we also refer to as ‘surrender’ to the cosmic energy that brings transformation – a subtle change within our consciousness. Then there is no separation from existence; there is no gap or division, which for long has been created by us, by our own conditioning.

The Presence

Then one can taste what Kabir and Nanak had tasted – cosmic presence in everything. When Kabir attained this state, his disciples went up to him and requested him to stop weaving and offered their services to him. Kabir laughed at such a proposition saying that his weaving is not just about clothes, which is just an outer act, but simultaneously, it affirmed what goes on inside him while weaving, which is a pure meditative space and a oneness with existence, overflowing with cosmic energy.

Through meditation this pure cosmic energy is offering the very seeds of godliness. One can see and feel that the role of our mind is being reduced and eventually replaced by an awareness that is filled with tremendous harmony, benediction and love in each and every moment. There would be no thought ripples in our consciousness, just as I am experiencing, while standing on the panoramic bridge at Hallstatt, a vast silence engulfs me and I am no more. Time stands still. Oh what a benediction it is!

One can call this moment godliness or call it a state of moksha-nirvana or whatsoever one likes to call it. As Osho says: “Not for a single moment can you exist separate from the universe. It is there, and it is there as an experience. You are in it and it is in you.”

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