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After the international success of the first film about Osho’s childhood, Jagdish Bharti is ready to produce the second: “A sequel will be a challenge… but we are determined to translate our dream project to rare visual and sound treats.”

Rebellious Flower

Zenin Productions is announcing a sequel to ‘Rebellious Flower‘, a feature film on Osho’s childhood that was released on 15 January 2016, and has in the meantime earned numerous international awards.

The producer, Jagdish Bharti, writes, “Our first effort of presenting ‘spiritual poetry’ in cinematic form has been very well received all over the world. A sequel to this film will be quite a challenge: to present the ‘deeper spirituality’ in visual form. Our task will face many hurdles and challenges for sure, but we are determined to translate our dream project to rare visual and sound treats in the coming one and a half years.”

The film, far from wanting to be a propaganda film, will present Osho’s vision again in a poetic way, inviting the audience to become part of, and “drown themselves in the celebration and mysteries of an infinite oceanic experience.”

“As it is impossible for an actor to portray an Enlightened One, a Buddha, Osho’s presence will be depicted only by showing his body from various angles and artfully excluding his face, but including recordings of Osho’s intoxicating voice.”

The sequel also intends to rectify some of the negative media coverage Osho’s neo-sannyas movement had received last spring after the Neflix docuseries Wild Wild Country was shown.

book set The Sound of Running Water and The Song of the Ocean

This time round investors and friends have the opportunity to participate in the process of creating this sequel. One way of contributing is to purchase the volumes, The Sound of Running Water and The Song of the Ocean, a hard-bound twin-book set, size 31 x 27 cm, 6 kg. The books depict Osho’s journey and that of his communes through photographs and quotes. Further details about these books: – link to the very first curtain-raiser of the film (in Hindi):

Osho News has been following all film projects about Osho quite closely, through personal contact and watching the media. Here a short update:

Subhash Ghai and Aamir Khan

The international film project, ‘Osho: The Other Side of the Ocean’, announced at the Cannes festival this spring by producer Subhash Ghai and director Lakshen Sucameli has been scrapped last July, due to pressure from the Osho International Foundation, who claims the rights.

Media reports about the planned Biopic on Osho by director and producer Karan Johar, with rumours about Ranveer Singh or Aamir Khan to be chosen as protagonist, have petered out last month.

Lakshen and Bhikkhu's teams

However, the documentary project by Lakshen ‘Osho, 1000 Shades of Ocean’, is still in full swing. The Italian director is travelling the world and continues interviewing sannyasins and various personalities to complete the film. As first reported on Osho News: A documentary on Osho in the making

The documentary on the life and vision of Osho by Bhikkhu was announced in January 2018 through our article: ‘Secret of Secrets’ – a new film in the making on the life and vision of Osho

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