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Swaram’s next two podcast: on Gurdjieff movements and growing up as a young sannyasin.

AmiyoEpisode 34 – Stillness in movement – 18 December 2018

Amiyo was led by Osho to discover the world of Gurdjieff Movements. This was the beginning of a new chapter in Amiyo’s spiritual journey, a blend  of the wildness and freedom of dance with the precise and methodical sequence of Gurdjieff’s movements. In this episode Amiyo explains their science, neurological effects on the brain and talks about her unique approach to teaching a too-often misunderstood meditation practice. Go to podcast on Love Osho website…

PriyaEpisode 35 – Being Osho’s child – 25 December 2018

Priya’s first encounter with Osho was when she was still in the womb. When Priya was four months old, Osho told her mum: “Priya is my child, I will take care of her.” In this episode, Priya talks about her love affair and special relationship with Osho and how he guided her in her life through hard decisions and tough times. Priya has evolved into a wonderful, mature, and educated lady who is equally comfortable in the inner as in the outer world. Go to podcast on Love Osho website…

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