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Swaram’s podcasts of these past 3 weeks: How to ‘meet’ Osho, meditation in daily life and treating Osho’s body with Acupuncture.

Karunesh Andread MametEpisode 36 – How to ‘meet’ Osho today – 1 January 2019

Karunesh’s first meeting with Osho set the tone for his future relationship with the Master to the present day. He is a devotee who practices Guru Yoga and makes it clear that meditation is the central focus of his life. This is a powerful and inspiring episode in which Karunesh cuts through the nonsense and reminds us all about what really counts in life: meditation. Go to podcast on Love Osho website…

VandanEpisode 37 – Bringing meditation into everyday life – 8 January 2019

Meeting Osho has changed Vandan’s life for ever. His artistic production blends Osho’s vision with his natural inclination towards humanistic and social aspects. In this episode Vandan talks about how Osho shaped his life and work and his journey to bring meditation out of the commune into the real world. Go to podcast on Love Osho website…

AbhiyanaEpisode 38 – Divine Healing – 15 January 2019

Arrived to Osho by “divine accident”, Abhiyana was trained by Osho in treating people the “Eastern way”. Abhiyana’s skills as a healer in TCM and Acupuncture were honed and refined under the guidance of Osho, who also honoured him to treat his own body. In this episode Abhiyana talks about the uniqueness of Osho’s body and how his pulse reading matched the description of ancient Tibetan medicine books. Go to podcast on Love Osho website…

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