Mother Inside


A track on video from Miten’s new EP, ‘4 Songs From a Well Lived Life’.

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i said a prayer for the homeless
i pray no life is lived in vain
i lit a candle and i stepped out into
the pouring rain
i went looking for the mother

world turning
tears of redemption and
i crossed that river looking
for the witness looking for
the mother inside
and the rain fell down like the
tears of the virgin

tears of joy for all souls emerging
emerging from the mother inside

sun rose at midnight
clouds blew away
eyes like diamonds
leading me on my way
i went singing for the mother

yemaya, shakti ma
durga ma, maria ma
jai ma jai ma jai ma amma

we’re all the same under the skin
unprotected, searching,
searching for the mother inside.

birth and death,
in every breath
one lover
after another
as we search for the mother

oh mother earth
what did we do…
we took too much of you we
were just reaching out reaching
for the mother inside.


Video by Rishi –

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Presentation of EP: 4 Songs from a Well Lived Life
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Miten came to Osho after having left behind a successful life as a performing artist. After years of healing he eventually returned to music and composed many beloved songs which he dedicated to his master. Since 2000 he and his partner, Deva Premal, have travelled the world sharing their music.

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