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Two of Swaram’s podcasts: Transformation through dance and Osho’s vision.

ManeeshaEpisode 39 – Dancing for Osho – 22 January 2019

Arrived to Osho at 20 years of age, Maneesha was told by Osho: “You will dance for me.” Dance is her element and after many years living in the Osho Buddhafield and experiencing the transformative alchemy of Osho’s meditations and body movement, Maneesha developed the Dance Meditation Training. Today she brings the magic absorbed during her time with Osho into the wider world helping people transform their energy through dance and meditation. Go to podcast on Love Osho website…

SubhanEpisode 40 – From criminal law to Osho and meditation – 29 January 2019

How has a criminal lawyer been transformed by Osho and become a meditation teacher and counsellor? Subhan is an expert in creating workshops based on Osho’s vision and his own personal experience. In this episode he talks about how meeting Osho laid the foundation of his work and life. Go to podcast on Love Osho website…

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