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Love Osho’s podcasts: about Osho Prana Healing and growing up as a teenager in Osho’s commune.

UpadhiEpisode 41 – Osho Prana Healing – 5 February 2019

Finding herself sitting in front of Osho was enough to change Upadhi’s life forever. Upadhi talks about how she created the Osho Prana Healing method and how Osho guided her in the process. Upadhi keeps developing and refining the method to make a huge impact on real people in their real lives. Go to podcast on Love Osho website…

DivakarEpisode 42 – The teenager Osho experience – 12 February 2019

How is Osho seen from the eyes of a teenager? Divakar transitioned from being a bullied child to a teenager living in the Osho commune in Poona, experimenting with sex, drugs, altered states of consciousness and meditation. Divakar has now grown into a mature and solid man carrying out Osho’s work teaching the Mystic Rose. Go to podcast on Love Osho website…

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